Saturday, April 29, 2006

Too posh to push piece

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Well will you look at her. Shy Anne has agreed to play the Ottawa Blues Fest. Perhaps this explains why none of us have heard of the festival before. Seems that the very Tony Tory broad(not in mind)sheet has placed SA on the front.

Our aging disco diva, with that youth defying appearance, graces the front page of the Ottawa Sit. Not only is she featured on the front, but is interviewed in the "too posh to push piece," seems yesterday's mega star Shy Anne started this refusal to push movement with the arrival of her own little gift from heaven some time ago.

That said, look at the absolutely awful purse Shy Anne is brandishing in the photo, has she gone country. Is this where disco duck meets Buck Owens? Loretta Lynn meets Janis Joplin?

Rumour has it that Shy Anne's new beau is in lust with George Strait and the disco diva has been trying to get a back stage pass to introduce her manboy to the straight one himself. Trouble is George won’t return her calls since he saw that Ottawa Sit photo, seems the purse was a gift from George to a former wife. It was stolen during Shy Anne's last visit to the Hee Haw set in 1987. Shy Anne is maintaining it came from the opportunity shop located in rural Ontario.

More on this and the explosive demands being made in a rider to her contract, Shy Anne expects at least a double wide dressing room, a pre-oiled saddle, stirrups in place and much, much more....

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