Friday, May 05, 2006

It was everyday ebay!

This is Gossip Starr, diva of the dirt. I dish all that's swish, so tune in for the scoop, the poop, the dope and the doop. Put all faeries on alert. I play no games. If you do the deed, then expect the read!

Things may have gone sour for one Amber Foxian Icon. Sources close to my other deep one, tell me Lemon Head is so mad he is about to squirt, explode perhaps.

The little thing that has become so much a YEAR ROUND FEATURE, part of the culture, out there on the Land, is feeling,"used and abused," and those very words were overheard in near by faerie hang outs. It's not just me going on here.

Lemon Head says the trouble is "an unapproved use of his photo," has resulted in his likeness being on the cover of a dishy, perhaps saucy, new book that tells all there is to tell about Everyday eBay...

Apparently Lemon Head would not have even known about the book or its cover had it not been for this exposure.

Here is a link to the book and the offending, perhaps wierdly erotic, exciting and very controversial photo. I posted as much as I dare, to the right here.

Lemon Head went onto say the use of the photo has not been the worst ... but would say no more on the issue.

Last year according to another source that would talk to moi, told me off the record of course, said Lemon Head was threatened Everyday that he would be sold on eBay. "I just can't believe they would steal his picture and use it on such an, "everyday eBay," thing."

Oh there goes the phone, have to go Darlings, maybe its the writer of the part in the book about "When Used is Better than New: Sex Panic, eBay, and the Moral Economy of Underwear," or that bit about Oh what is it? "Superfluity of Memory," they do say that's the first thing to go ...

That's used underware and memory that's superfluity girls, I expect we have much more on this story to cum.

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Anonymous said...

And to add insult to injury, I am a SHE, not a HE! Who do I sue. First those who used my image without authorization, and second, one Gossip Star. I'm so mad I could just snatch off her wig!

Anonymous said...

"Superfluity of Memory" What is that anyway?