Friday, July 28, 2006

Dancer goes Lumberjack

Jin arrives at Amber Fox fresh from a whirl wind tour of Ottawa and Toronto and points in between. This city dancified boy learned a thing or two about the manly world of lumberjacks, faerie style of course.

Our new Lumberjack Faerie spent some time helping us to prepare for the Really Really Big SHOOOOEEEE coming during the 19th Annual High Summer Gathering.

Chip, Ricky PJ and Jin take a break from rigourous training under the watchful and guiding hands of Ken.

Not me

Dear dear dear

"No I didn't eat it, must have been Chip or PJ."

"What's that in my mouth? Some leaves, not grass guys. Honest!"

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Missisippi Burning

Its been hot here ...

Boy Ricky takes a break from all that hard Faerie work to relax in the Mississippi River near Amber Fox.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Land keeps us away

Lots has been happening here on The Land. Amberfox is ready for the High Summer Gathering.

The Land and the spirit here have been keeping us from blogging. I know we could pull ourselves away to blog and we will try more to do that. That's why we have a blog, right?

So we will try to resist the full pull the temptation of this place some of the time to tell you more about whats happening or has happened.

Aside for a trip to see Superman, Johnny's new pirate movie and The Stewart Park Music Festival in Perth, all of which I mentioned enough to eventually get all here to go, we have been happily sequestered here on the land.

One of the biggest changes is with the tractor shed, some 60 years or more old it has needed some tender care in return of years of good service. New doors installed, foundation secured and hertiage hinges uncovered and put to use. Much of this required some dunging out inside and outside this ancient building.

Uncovering many artifacts of previous lives, mostly in the form of iron from long since discarded farm machinery, some of it easily over a hundred years of age. An old set of sliegh rails, a wagon hitch with much of its wood long since rotted away, and many unidentifible pieces.

Wildlife has returned in abundance as have the fruits of the land, heritage Crab Apples, Asparagus, Raspberries, Currents and pin Cherries. All loved by the many creatures that live here. Several pies have been concocted with these berries with Ken's Erection style magic.

The sauna is ready, new shower and clothes line make it that much more inviting, wood aplenty waiting to be enjoyed, to be sure it is ready it has been tested and retested often lately bringing much happiness.

More news tomorrow, more pictures from here and the nearby Missisippi!

The High Summer Gathering is days away! Hope to see you there.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Dream On . . .

This ain’t no
Return to Brokeback Mountain

It’s the
19th Annual
High Summer Gathering
at aka Amber Fox

The Gathering opens in circle on Saturday, 29 July 2006
and closes on Monday, 7 August 2006

aka Amber Fox Offers
- 75 acres of private, unspoiled land
- an Erection in the guise of a kitchen/dining hall
- a wood fired sauna and shower
- swimming in the nearby Mississippi
- jointly prepared vegetarian meals
- fire lit nights under a canopy of stars amid the beautiful rolling hills of Lanark Highlands

Bring everything you need for summer camping in the woods, including a tent, warm sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, bug repellent, sunscreen, and a divine wardrobe suitable for summer weather conditions in which all clothing styles and fashion statements are both optional and encouraged.

Bring your drums, your musical instruments, your voice.

Bring alive your talents, energy and desire to live, celebrate and work in community with like minded gay men.
Prepare yourself for the usual Theme Events ...
Fetish Night in the Departure Lounge
Know Talent/No Talent SHOW!!!!
High Tea
Fire Ritual
Heart Circle
and way too many more to list!

“Make no little plans; they have no magic.”

Daniel Hudson Burnham

Join us ... in celebrating and giving to the land that sustains and nurtures our spirits and our lives.

For directions to aka Amber Fox