Friday, July 25, 2008

The land awaits

The land awaits your arrival
Fae ones be ready
The 21st High Summer Tea
July 30 - August 4, 2008

Join us for the 21st annual summer gathering July 30 to August 4, 2008 An established and growing circle of gay and queer men centred on The Land aka Amber Fox. We gather to explore gay spirit, nature, ritual, sexuality, to work in fellowship, and to party. We enjoy the unexpected things when we bring together our energy, creativity, talents, and magick. Join us in celebrating and giving to the land that sustains and nurtures our spirits and our lives.

You can reach us by Email.

Bobbing for an erection

Claude is french for BOB! Bet you didn't know that!

Just in time for the gathering the erection gets a new ceiling. Five days Claude and Chiplandia bobbed to cover our heads. Ken and boy ricky cleaned up.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Is she coming to the big gathering?


Some of you may know that Howie-sue has not been well. At the Canada Day Gathering we made up an emergency wall kit and card for our Fae Howie-sue!

Howard is back home now and hopefully can take in part of the gathering.

Cover the pink! Plank the ART

Just in time for the gathering! So much is being done on the Land, AKA Amberfox!

ArtStudio reno and Erection covers up the pink!

The art studio now has a cool floor thanks to Chip using some of the wood that was Howie-sue's tent platform.

The space is very cool and ready for your imagination to come alive! Assisting with this cool project were boy ricky and Ken!

The erection is going posh big time! The ceiling in the dining area is being done and will be complete in time for the gathering!!!!

Ken has acquired the services of Claude. With Chip, Ken and Ricky acting as helpers, but mostly Chip, the ceiling is coming along well.

No more will one lay back in their chair and say, "That reminds me, where's Pinkie!"

With new scaffolding, local tongue and groove (the wood silly!), Claude's masterful use of a handsaw, torn jeans, the ceiling is going up quickly.

The CC team, Claude and Chip, make up an awesome faerie work crew, the envy of any construction site you have ever seen! Assisting the crew are boy ricky and Ken!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Canada Day - Salopetted Cowboy or Girls

Canada Day gathering is close at hand! Are you ready! The Land is alive. Wild flowers abound, trails mowed, sauna tested and inviting, waiting to wrap you in a warm embrace.

A country and western theme dinner is on! Bring along your OVERALLS or SALOPETTES. We're sure you will right at home in or out of them. Prize for the best turned out Salopetted Cowboy or Girl!

Remember this is Ontario! We need to be ready for any weather. It could rain or be hotter than " a suana".

So a tent, fly, (for your tent not your salopette) sleeping bag, foamie or mattress, toiletries and dainties, bug spray cause being in your birthday suit can invite some unwanted bites. Sun screen, a good sun hat, rain gear if you have it, comfortable sneakers and or boots, extra socks in case they get wet, swimming outfit for the trip to our local water hole and may I suggest a decent evening outfit.

If you play an instrument bring it if you can for the know talent show.

See you soon!!!!

faerie boy ricky

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Video sent by jief75

Just like the Land!

Thomas Bickham / Tomboy Chanteur gay Danois.
Le clip est "Absolument Fabuleux"....
OK2BGAY Tomboy
It's OK to be Gay.Let's Rejoice with the Boys
In the Gay Way!Hooray for the Kind of Man That you will find In the Gay Way!It's OK to be Gay.
Let's Rejoice with the Boys In the Gay Way!
Hooray for the Kind of Man That you would find
In the Gay Way!Father,Figures we are.
You are a Shooting Star!You Come so Far.
I was Once in your Shoes.In a Closet Like You.
I had Nothing to Lose.Hey man,Gay man,
Pick up the Soap.Get on your Knees And Pray.
Hey man,Gay man,Release your load.You've got to seize To delay.The Gay Way!It's Ok to be Gay.
Let's Rejoice with the Boys In the Gay Way!
Hooray for the Kind of the Man That you would Find
In the Gay Way!Hooray for the Man!Oh, strong man,
Queen of the Balls,Some Brotherly Love,
Is a Pleasure for All.Come Out.Open your Eyes.
La la la la!It's a matter of size!Hey man,Gay man,
Pick up the Soap.Get on your Knees And Pray.
Hey man, Gay man,Release your load.You've got to seize To Delay.The Gay Way.It's OK to be Gay.
Let's Rejoice with the Boys.In the Gay Way.
OK to be Gay! Hooray for the Kind of Man That you would find In the Gay Way!Sing Hallelujah - Sing Hallelujah!- It's getting to ya!-It's getting to ya!-It's working thru ya!Why won't you let me do ya?-Woo!-Hey ho!Mo Hey!Ho!Mo Hey!Ho!Now remember
There's a big difference Between Kneeling Down And
Bending Over.It's OK to be Gay.Let's rejoice with the Boys.In the Gay Way!It's OK! Hooray for the
Kind of Man That you would find In the Gay Way!
Next year,Where will you go?T-t-t-to San Francisco.I bet that you know Who it would you'd
Give it by face.So you thought it was done Then there was a gay parade!The He-Man Sex Parade!
Parade!You're gay! Hooray for the Kind of Man
That you would find In the Gay Way!Oooh, REFRAIN

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Howie Sue on the mend

Howie Sue is in the clear for now. The "Sisters of No INdUlgence (except for Howard)", Jules and boy ricky have rescued Faerie Howie Sue. It was a scary. Howard as you know was taken to a secret hospital for treatment over missing Chatchkas. We have video of our latest Mission ImProb(e)able.

Faeries in distress anywhere can count on the Sisters of No INdUlgence to swim through Jello, battle aliens, but most of all, we will indulge any Faeries right to attend at little cost, the Babylon Clinic

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gatheretty in Toronto

Denny and Chris organised a gatheretty in Toronto just before the New Year began. A small group of faeries from Amberfox joined in the fun. We had a good time. Some of those attending this fae group included Journey, boy ricky, Chiplandia, Ken, Denny, Chris and Bill. It ran from 2 in the afternoon 'till the darking winter night reached drew us away . Toronto was unusally very white and a little cold for some of us.

A fabulous gift was passed along to take to the land. It has many uses, one perhaps being useful in the new meditation space or in announcing a circle beginning. All will be known at the Victoria day Weekend when we gather to celebrate the return of spring on the Land.