Sunday, June 28, 2009

Canada weekend

Canada Day weekend gatherette (July 3 - 6) begins in less than a week!

This lil guy above was caught in our live trap, meant primaily for ground hogs. Now how do we get him out? I say we let him out here and he can add to the culture of the Land!

Just a question or two on other things...

Are you ready to bring your fae energy? Do you hate mosquitoes?

If you said yes to both questions then you are ready for the Canada Day weekend. The bugs have never been better. By that I mean, its been a dang good year so far.

So remember even thoughI say it has been a great year for the lack of the pesky mosquito airforce, this is the bush in eastern Ontario and it can change overnight. Bring your light gear to wear, be prepared to wear your favourite gowns be it a spring, summer or fall outfit. It can get cool at night, though it looks to be hot. If you use bug spray, bring a good supply.

Don't forget your favourite pillow, your sleeping bag, tent if you are not in the lounge or the bunk house and remember to bring your swimming gear, a pad to sleep on, rain gear if you have it and your glad rags.

Finally, its with sad hearts we mention Michael Jackson's passing as you all know by now. I'm sure your thoughts are with his personal spiritual adviser, Father Mike. Father Mike needs to be cheered up. He and Michael were more thriller than beat it, they had it down to the ABC's. Please be prepared to help console the leader of the Alien Baby! There will be an event to commenerate the King of Pop.

Now what is it that our own dear Claude, Ken, Chip and Ricky were building...