Friday, March 20, 2009


Eastre, also known as Ostern, Ostara, Ostare, Eostre, Eostra, Eastur, Eostur, Eastra, Austron, Ausos, Ishtar, and Ashtur, is generally known as being from the Saxons' Germanic heritage and was the name of the goddess of dawn, spring and fertility.

Gatherings it seems have been around for a long time, eons it seems. Some thoughts explain Eastre gatherings like this. Spring would bring new life, nature's growth would transform the Land. To explain it one would understand the earth as giving birth in the spring, creating life, so we have Mother Earth. Mother Earth would not do well without the rain. So the sky above delivered this. Sometimes referred to as the heavens, the sky took on or was made Male. Together the Earth and the Sky created the wonders of the Land.

Many groups and people have taken this as a rite of their own, perhaps renaming it, perhaps reworking it, yet the truth remains the same in the end: spring revitalizes us. A time to be reborn and the new born. Some choose to celebrate this quietly and others more loudly. There seems no wrong way to celebrate Eastre. You create alone or in a group, loosely or collectively, an appreciation and thankfulness for the coming of spring and all it symbolizes for you.

That seems to be the essence of Faeries, of gay men seeking their own non hetro foisted approach to this time. It can be of our own creation, maybe its the merging of both male and female, maybe it's a time to look ahead, to be alone or together. Rituals can be be static or change to meet our needs and desires; inclusive or apart, it does not seem to matter.

There is something magical that happens. It happens all over this planet and maybe elsewhere too every spring. I look forward to this spring, to celebrating, to recognizing the change to the Land and sharing that experience with others. What will it be like? How will I participate? Will I jump in? Will I simply observe? What personal truths will be uncovered or allowed to be?

I do know this. It is with great anticipation that I walk this way.


PS - I am not giving up on the Easter bunny, or is that Eastre? The kid in me won't let me, it's part of my spirituality, and few things like chocolate make this boy faerie really happy!

here's more - so where does the Eostre story come from?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

radical faerie spirituality

somebody asked on facebook about the spirituality of Faeries...

"Are RF's members of any certain Neo-Pagan tradition, or do they come from a variety of groups? I myself am a generic NP who doesn't do ritual per se. Wicca and Druidry attract me for various reasons, but not so sure about male-female polarity... If it were possible I'd join the Minoan Brotherhood, but alas they are not in my area."

here is a well thought out response...

"Some RF's might consider their spiritual beliefs to come from a Pagan or Neo Pagan perspective, as some might come from Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Christianity.

There is no particular religious (or secular) tradition that a RF must come from. Some are atheists or agnostic. Many pick and choose and self-create, sometimes on an ongoing basis.

With the possible exception of Christianity, I would say that the general attitude towards faith is pretty much live and let live.

Some places and times of gathering are more ritual oriented than others. Basically, it's a big old hodgepodge of spontaneous spiritual (and non-spiritual) expression and experimentation based on the intentions and proclivities of the individuals who happen to be around at the time."

If you have anything to add, please do so, pretend this is a heart circle, you have the talisman in your virtual hands...

in the spring

Amberfox in the spring

the erection is sitting in anticipation

the gardens will soon be rising,

reaching for the hands of faeries...

Bunkhouse legend

The Victoria Day Weekend is coming, the bunkhouse is sitting empty, its quiet, resoring its energy for the new beginning that come with each spring. Waiting for you, for the faeries to come, to help raise the land from its winter slumber...

Are you going to add to the legend,

the legend of the bunkhouse boys?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victoria Day 2009

We are only 8 weeks from the Victoria Day weekend. Are you gearing up for a return to the land? Will you be bringing your bright fae self back to Amberfox? Its time to plan, get your outfits picked out, (Value Village) ought to have a great new stock with people trading in their glad rags for new!

Spring begins officially tomorrow. Its come upon us quickly, lets respond with the same vim and ... . You get the point.

See you all on line and hopefully at the farm come what Victoria Day provides!

Victoria Day Weekend May 15 - 18