Friday, January 08, 2016

F7 Gatherette 2016

F7 Gatherette - 

Registration is OPEN!!

Hello Fae Folk!

We have fantastic news!!  For the first time EVER, we’re holding a winter gathering in Ontario!!! It’s from Friday the 12th to Monday the 15th of February, 2016.

We’ve wanted to do this for three years but, since the Land AKA AmberFox is not equipped for the super-cold weather, it had to be cancelled each time. :( But this year we’re visiting a new location that’s all set for winter, so it’s happening no matter what the weather is!! YAY!!!

Come and join us!! There is only room for 12 people so sign up now!!

Can you guess what the seven Fs stand for in F7?

No!!!!!  THAT’s not what any of them stand for!!! ;)

The seven Fs are:
F1 = Frigid: Yep, we can pretty much guarantee it!
F2 = February: It’s when we’re going!
F3 = Falentine’s Day: Sunday the 14th
              (Sorry, I had to. We were one F short this year!)
F4 = Flag Day: Monday. We have one! Who knew?
F5 = Family Day: Monday. An Ontario holiday.
F6 = Faerie: That's us folks!
F7 = Festival: Isn't it always?

F7 will be held at a magical setting in Maynooth (just north of Bancroft, Ontario) called Bits 'N Clits. The huge piece of secluded land is on a lake surrounded by hills and forest that used to be a holiday rental property. I’ve been there four times and it’s great!! The couple who live in a house on the land are wonderfully welcoming people who only rent to alternative groups. In other words, our Faerie drag and nudity will be welcomed with open arms!!

The events I have been to in the summer were very popular with 50-70 attendees at each one. Of course, this event will be much smaller as there is only one winterized cabin. There are sleeping facilities for 12 people only (two or three per room), but that’s a great number for an intimate winter gatherette!

The main cabin is heated, there’s indoor plumbing, toilets, and we have access to two hot water showers!! Feel free to go to the Bits 'N Clits website to see photos and get more info.

We can go sledding, warm ourselves by the fire, build Faerie snow sculptures, enjoy the stunning winter landscape, erect an outdoor sweat lodge, give massages, and just have a great time together in the midst of Canadian winter!!

I’ve negotiated a great price with the owners to rent the property. I’ve also estimated costs for making meals and it will be possible to do this for the exact same cost as the other events at $25 per night!!! YAY!!!!!!! That means a total of $75 per person for the visit!!

Most of the cost is the fixed rental cost and, in addition, I’d like to do most of the grocery shopping in advance in the cities where food is much less expensive than in Maynooth. Since I don’t have the money to pay for all this myself, I’m asking everyone pay $25 per day in advance.

Since we never want finances to preclude anyone from attending Faerie events, if you can afford to pay more, we can then offer discounted spots to those who need it. Please let me know when you register if you can be a sponsor or need financial assistance. Thanks!!

Payment can be made by Paypal, Interac e-Transfer, or cash (in either Toronto or Ottawa).

Hurry as there are only a dozen spots!! Your place is guaranteed once your payment is received. Once you’re registered, you’ll be added to the Facebook event where we can plan things such as carpooling, meals, and activities!!

This is going to be a fantastic F7!!!!!!!