Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Very Faerie Solstice Party Postscript

The Alien Baby was feeling a bit deflated this morning, but one last macaron was enough to restore his blood sugar and his good humour, if not his turgor.

Last night, just after midnight, we listened to our holy hymn, (sung by Karen our Mother, we must eat like her), the Alien Baby appeared to our eyes (in quicksilver finery no less) and we sent our thoughts into AB who relayed them through the aether and across the miles to Shimmer and Pretty Urban & Gwo(t) and Queen Bee and Matteo and Jeffrey and Claude and Tucker and Christian and Dragon and Ken and all the far flung fae we love! Then we sang a few rousing choruses of We All Come From the Space Ship. Message received.

Wasn't That a Party?

Oh, the music, the singing, the clarinet, and the piano. As always Chip and Ryan delighted our ears and eyes, and this night they were joined by the newly-returned Bruce! All three were received with applause and hisses (which is a good thing, trust me).

Wasn't That a Party?

Twenty-four fabulous fae ones braved the wind and the sleet and made their way to the Tower of Vaseline for A Very Faerie Solstice Party. Old fae, new fae, sparkly fae, nude fae!

Oh. Wait. I forgot. The Incident.

There was a twenty-fifth guest who barged her brassy way past security. That diva-bitch goddess-whore ChiChi herself deigned to put in an appearance. Don't worry, no bones were broken nor virgins deflowered. This time, we got lucky.

Wasn't That a Party?

The winner of the Wine Away Your Troubles gift basket, by Peaches, was none other than our very own Ryan the Spirit of Christmas Past!

Yeah, seems fishy to me too, but what can a fae boy do?

Wasn't That a Party?

And the winner of the Sumptuous Sweets Gift Boxes from Bobbette & Belle Artisanal Pastries was Brian Blue-Eyes, seen here modelling his exquisite powder blue sash, signifying his unofficial status as the new Miss Bobbette & Belle.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alien Crash!

A small escape pod has crashed in Departure Lounge West.
The pilot, a large-eyed green-skinned humanoid,
appears to have suffered a severe deflation injury.
Am attempting resuscitation.

Hope he is better in time for A Very Faerie Solstice Party!