Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 2007 Calendar faerie

we begin an exclusive feature

No where else will you see another faerie l like those that frequent The Land, AKA Amberfox.

we with the guidance of Ester feature a Faerie for the month week or day! All will be posted according to the tradition of Faerie time. We could have one tomorrow, next week, next month. till then you can feast your eyes on one of the jewels of The Land.

a second rising - live from the erection 2006

Live from the erection - August 2006

High Tea Summer 2006

High tea, Fortunately for all of us, Geneva managed an appearance after her no show the previous evening. It turns out her rider for the previous evening's show was not met.

R, R & R

from one ritual to another. here the people of the land prepare and rededicate a place of rememberence, respect and rejoicing in those that have been shared with us...

Ritual - on the land

A fire happened on the land. a ritual. here you can take part if you let your virtual reality take you away!