Friday, October 18, 2013

Boy Colours Erection

Little Ryan wanted to colour a picture of the Erection, so Uncle Paul took a photograph, then he & DeeDee turned it into a colouring page. Ryan did the colouring.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Around the Land, Thanksgiving 2013

The weather and the Land were simply stunning this past weekend at the annual Thanksgiving Gathering. Select any photo to expand it to fullscreen. Thanks to photographers Paul al'DeeDee Bee (PDB) and Chris Desmond Lallman (CDL), for capturing some of the magic of the Land.


Gateway to the Land,
and your cocktail awaits. (CDL)

Welcome to the Land!

Abode of old, burned out long ago, of which the Old Ones rarely speak. (CDL)

Perhaps an apple from the orchard? (CDL)

Never too early for a sauna.
And look, another refreshing cocktail! (CDL)

Chip wants to build a proper bath house. Yay! (CDL)

A stop at the spa?

Ye Olde Shitter - Danger in the Extreme!
Should ye sit, ye may well fall. (CDL)

Clearly, this spot is taken! (CDL)

Tenting on the Path of the Snake. (CDL)

Have you set up 
your tent yet?
Then I'll meet you 
at the Erection!

The Erection. (PDB)

Where could this mysterious pathway lead? (PDB)

Perhaps a walk before dinner? 

The maples are so red. (PDB)

Red leaves ... (PDB)

... and red berries ... (PDB)

... and still more red leaves. (PDB)

Colour on a rock. (PDB)

Colour is everywhere!

Unexpected colour on a log. (PDB)

Dragonfly on a dress. (CDL)

Found some little friends!

Dragonfly and milkweed. (PDB)

A stick bug visits DeeDee's blouse. (CDL)

Stick bug well camouflaged. (PDB)

Hopalong stops by for a visit. (PDB)

It looks like a Lady Bug
but it is one of the evil imports from Asia,
the ones that bite! (PDB)

The Path of the Snake. (CDL)

Let's head up the Path of the Snake.

Colours along the Path. (CDL)

Meditation Hut under construction. (CDL)

Have you seen the new Meditation Hut?

The view from the Hut is lovely. (CDL)

Hey, the sun is getting low! (CDL)

Sunset over the farm. (CDL)

Boy Ricky tends the fire. (CDL)

A perfect way to end the day.

Burn baby, burn! (PDB)


Rear-view Peaches. (PDB)

Thanks for coming, 
see you again soon 

(CDL) = Photo by Chris Desmond Lallman
(PDB) = Photo by Paul al'DeeDee Bee

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LumBearJack Work Weekend 2013

LumBearJack Work Weekend

Friday, November 8 at 1pm to Sunday, November 10 at 3pm
on The Land aka Amber Fox

Okay bears and lumberjacks, are you ready for one last romp in the woods before winter sets in? Then join us once more on the Land aka AmBearFox.

This weekend is for serious wood choppers and Meditation Hut builders, but it won't be all work!

Bring your perforMANnce gear or get outfitted at the Foxy Boutique for the ever-popular Know Talent Show. Enjoy hearty meat off the BBQ, spectacular fires, wiener roasting, bare bear saunas, dancing till dawn, and snuggling with your cub! What could be better?

The gathering begins and ends in Circle, with a brief organizational followed by a longer Heart Circle on Saturday morning.

Vegetarians are welcome, but be aware that the Carnivores will be indulging themselves this weekend! 

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to let us know that you are coming.

The suggested contribution to the Purse is $15 to $35 per night, more if you can or less if you can't, $25 on average. For those attending the whole gathering, that works out to $30 to $70, average $50. We use an honour system and ask that you pay what you can, even if it is only a few dollars - nobody is turned away for lack of funds. The Purse pays for food, fuel for the pump & lawn mowers, propane for the fridge & stove, paint, materials for repairs, paper products and all our other mundane needs. 

The weather may be chilly, so you should check the weather forecast before you pack.

There is plenty of room for tenting along the Path of the Snake and in the May Pole field. The cooler nights will encourage many to opt for snuggling in the Bunkhouse, and if it is very cold, the Departure Lounge and even the sauna can hold extra sleepers!

Please join us, or I shan't be able to bear it ;)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Fall Colours Panorama 2012

Just a few days until the 2013 Thanksgiving Gathering!!!

To get you in the mood, here is a 360° panorama I took at the gathering last fall. I'm hoping the colours this year will be just as beautiful!

Of course this year, the Meditation Hut will be the place to view the fall colours.

Click on the image to activate it.

You can also:
  • select the rectangle-in-rectangle icon for fullscreen
  • click and drag to tilt and pan
  • scroll to zoom