Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Summer Events

In 2016, there is a Radical Faerie event in or near Ontario, EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Here's what we did the second quarter, and a preview of the next quarter's activities. Please join us - all those of fae heart and the fae curious (regardless of gender) are welcome at these events, except for the High Summer Gathering*, which is for gay and queer men.

Past (Spring) Events:

Reflections of Beltane
In April, the Glo'Tel in Toronto hosted a Through the Looking Glass Beltane Potluck. Verses were recited, croquet was played, libations were downed, and friendships were (re)kindled!

In May, the Beltane season festivities continued with our first gathering of the year, celebrating Victoria Day with the raising of the may pole on the Land aka Amber Fox.

And in just a few days (I am writing this the last week of June), our ever-so-slightly-belated June event will be a BBQ potluck picnic on Toronto Islands for Canada Day (Friday July 1st), with a bonfire and fireworks - join us if you can!!!

Upcoming (Summer) Events:

29th Annual High Summer Gathering*
Wednesday July 27th to Monday August 1st
on the Land aka Amber Fox

Once again it is nearly time for our largest annual event, the High Summer Gathering. Lazy summer days, maybe a trip for a dip in the Mighty Mississip', fabulous food, fun & fellowship, and of course, those hot summer nights! And if past gatherings have taught us anything, the high light of High Summer is the infamous High Tea. Don't miss it!

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can join in the discussion and planning on our Facebook Event.

* This event is for gay and queer men.

Blue Heron Gathering
The last week of August
at Blue Heron Farm in upstate New York

The week leading up to Labour Day weekend, we join our fae friends for their annual gathering at Blue Heron Farm in upstate New York. But don't make fun of them because they spell "labour" wrong! ;)

Torch Song Faeries
Saturday September 10th, 7 pm
at Academic Hall, University of Ottawa

Once again the fae folk will be going on a theatre outing to view another queer classic from the folks at TotoToo Theatre Company: and this time it is Harvey Fierstein's Torch Song Trilogy! Based on the stunning calibre of ToTo Too's previous work, this show a) will be fabulous and b) may contain nudity. Get your tickets for September 10th in advance (you can order them online) and meet us at Academic Hall at 7pm.

So don't skimp on the summer shenanigans!
Find festive frivolity with the Faeries!!!

(full 2016 event schedule)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Beach Blanket Babylon, BBQ & Fireworks

Canada Day

Beach Blanket Babylon,

BBQ & Fireworks

Friday July 1, 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
on Olympic Island, Toronto

HI All!!

Canada Day is almost upon us!!  Come join the Faeries for a fun-filled excursion to the Toronto Islands for boating, nude beaches, barbecues, and fireworks!!

A picnic spot has been reserved on Olympic island for all of Canada Day! The site has both a barbecue and a fire-pit!! It's a short walk to Hanlan's Point for afternoon skinny dipping and it will have a great view for the fireworks in the evening!!! The site is perfect cause it's also right next to everything like the washrooms, snack bar, and cocktail bar too!!

Someone will be at the picnic site all day from 10:00am to 11:00pm!! People will be doing an afternoon trip to Hanlan's point but there will always be someone at the site so show up there at any time!!  Everyone will be coming back from all parts of the islands for a potluck BBQ supper which will start at 6:00pm. After, we're going to do a fabulous and festive bonfire with DeeDee's magic colourful fire sticks!!  Lastly, the fireworks will go off over the city - 10pm at Ashbridges Bay, and 10:40 at Harbourfront, directly across the harbour from our picnic site!!! Then, all us Faeries will take the ferry back to the city (last one at 11:45)!!!

Also, please make note of the rules the City of Toronto requires us to follow when using the picnic site.

Click above to see the legend or print the map

Our picnic site (C on the map above) is
  • 1 minute walk to the washrooms (D)
  • 2 minutes to the snack and cocktail bars (F)
  • 3 minutes to the Centre Island Ferry Dock (E)
  • 25 minutes to Hanlon's Point nude beach (H)
Come and spend the whole day on the islands or simply join us for the cook out around 6:00pm. Don't forget to bring a dish to share!! We can use the barbecue so remember that when choosing your dish! We'll stay after for a bonfire and fireworks too!!

Also, if you can pitch in for the cost of the site rental, that would be great!! The suggested contribution is $10 (more if you can, less if you cannot).

Here are three suggested plans for your day. They all start from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal (B) at Queens Quay, Toronto:

1. The Beaver Plan
  • Take the ferry to the Centre Island Ferry Dock (E)
  • Walk the three minutes to our picnic site (C)
    • (just keep left to reach it)
  • Enjoy the day relaxing on the grass
  • Have delicious food
  • Watch the fireworks & enjoy the bonfire!!
2. The Polar Bear Plan
  • Take the ferry to the Hanlan's Point Ferry Dock (G)
  • Walk the 15 minutes to the clothing optional beach (H)
  • Bask bare on the beautiful beach with bears
  • Walk the 25 minute to our picnic site (C)
  • Have delicious food
  • Watch the fireworks & enjoy the bonfire!!
3. The Monarch Butterfly Plan
  • Take the ferry to Ward Island (A)
  • Walk an hour along the coast to Hanlan's Point Beach (H)
  • Bask bare on the beautiful beach with bears
  • Walk the 25 minutes to our picnic site (C)
  • Have delicious food
  • Watch the fireworks & enjoy the bonfire!!

Join the discussion!
However you decide to spend the day on the islands with your Fae friends, we look forward to seeing you for the festive and fun feast and fireworks!!

P.S.: I know this is actually in July, but it's only by one day so I think it's fine to count it as the June event!!! Remember, Faerie time is flexible! HUGS!!! ;)

And don't forget that it is Pride Week here in Toronto!!  On Sunday, the Radical Faeries have been invited to march in the parade with the Toronto Sisters of JOY.  Their them is Sacred Whores of the Well Hung Gardens of Babylon - We had such a great time marching two years ago in World Pride and going with the Sisters this year should be super-fun too!!!