Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beltane is as old as the fracking hills and a radical faerie stand-by

Beltane May 4 to 6th

Beltane is as old as the fracking hills and a radical faerie stand-by. Traditionally it's a celebration of Spring, fertility, good fortune and good harvests to come, though for those of us this far North it's also something of a victory party for Spring and life over our longest season by far, Winter. (Not that we're the only faeries partying- trust me.)

This will be our second Beltane gathering at Amberfox and an inclusive gathering (Amberfox hosts gay men identified gatherings throughout the year). All are welcome to join us and we are hoping for many visitors from near and far. Suggested donation is 25$ per day. That includes meals- delicious ones hand prepared. It may be a bit chilly, but don't worry, the Land has enough infrastructure to keep everyone warm, and the bonfires will keep everyone toasty. And unless something drastic changes, things seem pretty end-of-the-world Summer-esque anyways! So I don't imagine we'll be holing up inside.

Beltane is known for it's great bonfires and fire-play, especially on the eve beforehand, and has countless manifestations and names, though most include fire in their festivities. May 5th there will be a bonfire party and purification of the cavity where the may pole will stand. The next day at noon, May 6th, we will have our Beltane ceremony and raise the maypole (oh yes, you know we weren't going to leave the cavity unfilled darlins').

If you wish to camp you are more than welcome to and there is plenty of space. The Land is beautiful and spacious and we hope to share it with you.