Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Spring Events

In 2016, there is a Radical Faerie event in or near Ontario, EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Here's what we did the first quarter, and a preview of the next quarter's activities. Please join us - all those of fae heart and the fae curious (regardless of gender) are welcome at these events.

Past (Winter) Events:

In January, Faeries in De Nile visited Ottawa to see ToTo Too Theatre's production of Hosanna, featuring costumes and makeup by our very own Dragon & Rock, respectively, and boy was it riveting!

F7 - Reflections in the Ice!!!
In February, the fae folk trekked north to Maynooth for the first ever F7 Gatherette. If you haven't seen the pictures yet, be sure to check out F7 - Reflections in the Ice!!!

March featured Blue Heron Farm's annual March Maple Gatherette in upstate New York. They had a good harvest this year and syrup is available!

Upcoming (Spring) Events:

Through the Looking Glass
Beltane Potluck
Saturday April 30, 3 - 7 pm
at the Glo'Tel
662 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto
(near the Dufferin subway)

It's officially spring, whatever the freezing rain has to say about it! What better way to usher in the change of seasons than with a Wonderland-inspired potluck? So join the Glo'Tel Gang (formerly the MudHouse Mob) - there'll be croquet!

Victoria Day Gathering
Friday May 20 - Monday May 23
on the Land aka Amber Fox

Join us for the first gathering of the year on the Land aka Amber Fox. And in honour of the Beltane season, this gathering will feature the infamous Shimmer Leaf leading us in the Raising of the May Pole!

Beach Blanket Babylon, 
BBQ & Fireworks
Canada Day
Friday July 1, 10 am - 10 pm
on Olympic Island, Toronto

The Demon Child Ryan has reserved us a picnic spot on Olympic island, near Hanlan's Point for afternoon skinny dipping, featuring a barbecue and a fire pit, and offering a great view for the evening's fireworks. Spend Canada Day Friday with your fae friends on Toronto's magical islands, then stick around for the Toronto Pride Parade on Sunday!

(full 2016 event schedule)

Thursday, March 03, 2016

F7 - Reflections in the Ice!!!

The first ever F7 Gatherette was a fun and fantastic frolic!! Fabulous fae friends forayed into a wicked winter wonderland, cuddled in the cozy cabin, and dined on delicious delicacies! 

Here are some pictures that Uncle Paul, DeeDee & I, 
the Demon Child Ryan, took over the weekend. 
I hope you enjoy them!!!

A minor blizzard spiced up the drive North to Maynooth!

In case you've forgotten, 
the seven Fs in F7 stand for:

F1 = Frigid: Oh, that doesn't even begin to describe it!!!
F2 = February: That's the month it happened in.
F3 = Falentine’s Day: Sunday the 14th.
              (Sorry, I had to. We were one F short this year!)
F4 = Flag Day: Monday. Canada has one! Who knew?
F5 = Family Day: Also Monday. An Ontario holiday.
F6 = Faerie: That's us folks!
F7 = Festival: Yes it certainly was!!!

The cabin at Bits 'N Clits - our home for the weekend!

The view from the door of the cabin! A winter wonderland!!

Sun, phallic hanging ice, and fluffy snow!!

A quick sled ride down the hill from the cabin brings you to the lakefront! We're the only cottage around!


Playing in the yard between the cabin and the lake. I fell down!!

There are friendly silly goats here!!

And a friendly Faerie dragon to warm you up!

Hiking all around the snowy forests.

Icicle fun!!

Barkley looking at DeeDee through the window.

Bonfire in the snow. So toasty you can even wear shorts!

The knitted fashion queen!

"I've gone blind!" 

At -41ΒΊ on Saturday night, there was frost on the INSIDE of the door!!

Craft time! What treasure is DeeDee knitting today?

Fitting the knitted jock-strap!

A relaxing Saturday morning.

Games night!!

Hound Dog laughs hysterically over horrible things said during "Cards Against Humanity"!

Pre-dinner cocktails.

Why the faces? The green crayon colouring gave you a perfect new look!

Four fabulous femmes fatales dressed for a wild evening!

The pope and his fallen angels!

♪ I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight! Ladies in red! ♫

Hobo's famous "Shaved Bottom Bread". Also known as "Total Top Bread"!

Putting the finishing touches on homemade lemon meringue pies!


Eggplant parmigiana and caesar salad. Yum!!

Hound Dog doing dishes so delicious desserts can be devoured!

Claro fixes fabulous French toast for breakfast! With MAPLE SYRUP!!!!!!!

DeeDee braiding rosemary bread dough. 

All set for Swiss night! Swiss fondue, Swiss chard, and Swisskatoon berry pie!!

And a little Swiss boy in Swiss lederhosen!

The Purse Report

Contributions to the Purse:
  • requested $25 per night, ($75 per person for the long weekend), more if you can, less if you can't
  • 2 people gave $100 each
  • 4 people gave $75 each
  • 1 person gave $37.50
  • total contributions:  $537.50

Withdrawals from the Purse:
  • facilities rental @$50 per person per weekend:  $350
  • groceries:  $158.94
  • total withdrawals:  $508.94

Remaining in the Purse:  $28.56

The remaining Purse money will help to pay the rental fee on a Toronto Island picnic site, for our Beach Blanket Babylon, BBQ & Fireworks on Canada Day.

The weekend was wonderful! Whether exploring outdoors, playing in the cabin, relaxing in a hot bath, or eating amazing meals, we all had a fantastic time at Bits N Clits Ranch!! I can't wait for more exciting adventures at next year's F7 Gatherette! 


And don't forget, there's a Radical Faerie event 
in or near Ontario, every month this year
This month, the weekend before Easter,
we join our fae friends at Blue Heron Farm,
in upstate New York, for their