Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jesus "Look out"

Breaking news....

The Land, AKAAmberfox: He was an original faerie perhaps, then some PR firm got a hold of him and the message changed a wee bit! Anyway he said he was coming to the Victoria Day Gatherette.

His message to us was not posted to the list as Yahoo doesn't deliver scrolls. The atari was the only computer he could get his hands on. It was buried years ago.

Eventually he found private detective Johnny Germaine, (that's him in a rare candid moment on the Land) and used the Holy Mac to create a video greeting for us all. Sadly his second coming was cut short during filming, when a TTC Bus was on time.

Germaine was there, he says they were filming and he had time to say "Jesus!" The words, "look out"we're too late. "I mean, who expected the bus to be on time," PD Germaine added. "I called" Geneva with the news right away."

Germaine and Geneva, the GG twins, yes they are identical twins. (They both live in Toronto, let Co-ops drive them crazy, are faeries, love the TTC and Spiderman), suggest it maybe fitting to have Queen Vicky say a few words at the gatherette.

Perhaps Shimmer may be able to devise the perfect ritual remembrance (after he makes his Black Magick Cake of course) while The Daddy Chipster builds an appropriate celebration pyre, after a quick visit to the Opportunity shop! The ceremony may be delayed, as you never know when the oil in the car needs to be changed.

More news when details are available!

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