Friday, June 22, 2007

Gatherette call for Canda Day Weekend!

The Canada Day Weekend Gatherette begins June 29.

*Get it on your mind!*

If you are planning on coming try to let us know, you can email the list or Ken directly at That will help us be ready for you. The land is brilliant now and requires our presence there. You can look forward to fabulous and good Fae folks and the experience of being with men who love being men among men. Sauna energy will be high among other things, vegetarian food plentiful, scrumptious desserts, and entertainment should the energy direct us there.

The Maple Bush beckons us to remember all those that have passed through our lives, the MapleTree begs to deliver your wishes, a Ritual Fire lead by Chip and others will be like no other. Improvements made to the gardens ask only for your enjoyment, harvesting wood for the High Summer gathering and the arrival of the new improved mop brigade led by Andre should make it a great gatherette!

Need directions on how to get to The Land, aka Amberfox? Email Ken at

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