Wednesday, November 14, 2007

tlusty, a Maple Leaf that can drive!


How many of you faeries are hockey fans? better yet how many are Toronto Maple Leaf Fans?

I have at last found a reason to cheer for the Leafs! Its Jiri Tlusty.

Tlusty is a 19 year, a Czech born winger with the Toronto Maple Laughs. He has some images he took that have appeared on the internet! He seems to have been having a good time with some boys. The trouble is, Jiri is playing in a professional sports league and these kind of images seem to show him swapping spit with another fabulous looking young man.

Its gets better or worse depending on your viewpoint. He is nude in some pics. Now Jiri is having to deny he is gay. He's not gay or bi he says, and that is the line he has been fed by the Toronto Maple Laughs brass IMHO!

You be the judge...


Anonymous said...

Come on people, pull your heads out of the sand. We are living in the 21st Century. Educate yourselves enough to say that you can and will except people for whom they are and not for what they are. We all live, breath and pee the same way, so why can't see all get along. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ patrick; except I would have used the word "accept". I'm probably going to hell via the karma of pedantry, or at least end up "tarred & feathered". {wink}

In any case, I feel that more comments would be a nice way of expressing the good work that Ricky, Chip, et al do for this sight...