Monday, June 23, 2008

Canada Day - Salopetted Cowboy or Girls

Canada Day gathering is close at hand! Are you ready! The Land is alive. Wild flowers abound, trails mowed, sauna tested and inviting, waiting to wrap you in a warm embrace.

A country and western theme dinner is on! Bring along your OVERALLS or SALOPETTES. We're sure you will right at home in or out of them. Prize for the best turned out Salopetted Cowboy or Girl!

Remember this is Ontario! We need to be ready for any weather. It could rain or be hotter than " a suana".

So a tent, fly, (for your tent not your salopette) sleeping bag, foamie or mattress, toiletries and dainties, bug spray cause being in your birthday suit can invite some unwanted bites. Sun screen, a good sun hat, rain gear if you have it, comfortable sneakers and or boots, extra socks in case they get wet, swimming outfit for the trip to our local water hole and may I suggest a decent evening outfit.

If you play an instrument bring it if you can for the know talent show.

See you soon!!!!

faerie boy ricky

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