Friday, July 18, 2008

Cover the pink! Plank the ART

Just in time for the gathering! So much is being done on the Land, AKA Amberfox!

ArtStudio reno and Erection covers up the pink!

The art studio now has a cool floor thanks to Chip using some of the wood that was Howie-sue's tent platform.

The space is very cool and ready for your imagination to come alive! Assisting with this cool project were boy ricky and Ken!

The erection is going posh big time! The ceiling in the dining area is being done and will be complete in time for the gathering!!!!

Ken has acquired the services of Claude. With Chip, Ken and Ricky acting as helpers, but mostly Chip, the ceiling is coming along well.

No more will one lay back in their chair and say, "That reminds me, where's Pinkie!"

With new scaffolding, local tongue and groove (the wood silly!), Claude's masterful use of a handsaw, torn jeans, the ceiling is going up quickly.

The CC team, Claude and Chip, make up an awesome faerie work crew, the envy of any construction site you have ever seen! Assisting the crew are boy ricky and Ken!

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