Sunday, May 09, 2010

Victoria Day weekend, May 21 to May 24!

At Last....

The land has woken, crawled out from under the thick cold blanket of snow and is budding out all over.  The time for gathering is at hand.  Are you ready boys?  This is a year to remember.  It is because all of us are still here, we're still having fun, we're looking forward to an awesome time together on the The Land, aka Amberfox.

Are you coming, let us know if you can.  See you all on the  Victoria Day weekend, May 21 to May 24! 

If you need directions or a ride send a note to the listy and maybe someone can help you get here.  We also pick people up from the bus in Perth and the train station in Smith Falls.  Be sure to tell us ahead of time what time you are arriving.

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