Monday, May 06, 2013

Victoria Day Gathering 2013

Victoria Day Gathering

May 17 at 1:00pm until May 20 at 3:00pm
on The Land aka Amber Fox

It's Vicky's birthday and the queens are celebrating!

The Victoria Day long weekend marks the unofficial beginning of Canadian camping season. The Land will be coming awake with greening leaves and grass, and a multitude of spring flowers. All that is missing is you.

As always, this will be an activity-filled weekend, with communal work and play. The Foxy Boutique is fully stocked for all your dress-up needs, and the ever-popular Know Talent Show will be sure to thrill. Meals are vegetarian, communally-prepared and delicious! 

The gathering begins and ends in Circle, with brief organizational followed by longer (optional) Heart Circles on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
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Suggested contribution for the Purse is $45 to $105 for the weekend (average $75 based on $25 per night, more if you can, less if you can't), or $35 for a single night.

It may be a bit chilly, but don't worry, the Land will keep everyone warm. The Erection is heated, bonfires will make us toasty and the sauna is always steamy. Tenting may be cool and some will opt for snuggling in the Bunk House.


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DeeDee said...

Hi Fae Folk!

It isn't long until the Victoria Day Gathering so I thought I'd post a note about what you need to pack for the trip. Most of you know this already and can skip this, but if this is your first trip to the Land you may find it helpful.

• personal items (meds, toothpaste, etc)
• flashlight
• sunscreen
• insect repellant
• cash for the Purse
- we use an honour system with a suggested range of contributions: $45 to $105 for the weekend (average $75 based on $25 per night, more if you can, less if you can't), or $35 for a single night
- American money accepted at par
• weather-appropriate clothes (you can get the forecast here: The Weather Network)
• a towel
• sleeping gear (sleeping bag, pillow, blankets, sheets, etc)
• your tent
- if you are not tenting, there is room for some people to sleep in the Bunkhouse
- there is also overflow space for a few sleepers in the Departure Lounge (but the DL is primarily a party space - so if you choose to sleep there you may be woken without warning at any time by late-night partiers)

• fun clothes (although there are *lots* of garments available in the Foxy Boutique)
• stuff for the Know Talent Show (instruments, etc)
• anything you need for any activities that you are helping plan or know may be happening
• a mat or something for under your sleeping bag (there are a limited number of foamies available but these are first-come first-served and they go fast)
• a tarp or two for your tent
• alcoholic refreshments

• swim stuff (it's too cold!)
• cooking stuff including food (all the meals are communal and there are lots of snacks available at other times, the food is paid for from the Purse)
• other camping gear (there are axes, tools, etc already on the Land)

I think that's about it. If I've forgotten anything, others please chime in.

See you all soon!