Thursday, October 17, 2013

Around the Land, Thanksgiving 2013

The weather and the Land were simply stunning this past weekend at the annual Thanksgiving Gathering. Select any photo to expand it to fullscreen. Thanks to photographers Paul al'DeeDee Bee (PDB) and Chris Desmond Lallman (CDL), for capturing some of the magic of the Land.


Gateway to the Land,
and your cocktail awaits. (CDL)

Welcome to the Land!

Abode of old, burned out long ago, of which the Old Ones rarely speak. (CDL)

Perhaps an apple from the orchard? (CDL)

Never too early for a sauna.
And look, another refreshing cocktail! (CDL)

Chip wants to build a proper bath house. Yay! (CDL)

A stop at the spa?

Ye Olde Shitter - Danger in the Extreme!
Should ye sit, ye may well fall. (CDL)

Clearly, this spot is taken! (CDL)

Tenting on the Path of the Snake. (CDL)

Have you set up 
your tent yet?
Then I'll meet you 
at the Erection!

The Erection. (PDB)

Where could this mysterious pathway lead? (PDB)

Perhaps a walk before dinner? 

The maples are so red. (PDB)

Red leaves ... (PDB)

... and red berries ... (PDB)

... and still more red leaves. (PDB)

Colour on a rock. (PDB)

Colour is everywhere!

Unexpected colour on a log. (PDB)

Dragonfly on a dress. (CDL)

Found some little friends!

Dragonfly and milkweed. (PDB)

A stick bug visits DeeDee's blouse. (CDL)

Stick bug well camouflaged. (PDB)

Hopalong stops by for a visit. (PDB)

It looks like a Lady Bug
but it is one of the evil imports from Asia,
the ones that bite! (PDB)

The Path of the Snake. (CDL)

Let's head up the Path of the Snake.

Colours along the Path. (CDL)

Meditation Hut under construction. (CDL)

Have you seen the new Meditation Hut?

The view from the Hut is lovely. (CDL)

Hey, the sun is getting low! (CDL)

Sunset over the farm. (CDL)

Boy Ricky tends the fire. (CDL)

A perfect way to end the day.

Burn baby, burn! (PDB)


Rear-view Peaches. (PDB)

Thanks for coming, 
see you again soon 

(CDL) = Photo by Chris Desmond Lallman
(PDB) = Photo by Paul al'DeeDee Bee

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