Monday, November 11, 2013



DeeDee said...

If you are a member of our Facebook Group you can RSVP to the Event

DeeDee said...

F1 = Frigid: Yep, we can pretty much guarantee it!
F2 = February: It starts on Friday the Fourteenth*
F3 = Full Moon: Saturday at 12:53:00 am.
F4 = Flag Day: Saturday. Canada has one! Who knew?
F5 = Family Day: Monday. An Ontario holiday.
F6 = Faerie: That's us guys!
F7 = Festival: Isn't it always?

Put 'em together and you've got the Frigid February FullMoon FlagDay FamilyDay Faerie Festival, or F7!

* Friday February Fourteenth is of course Falentine's Day, so the theme for the weekend will be chocolate!!!

DeeDee said...

Sadly, it's way too cold on the Land aka Amber Fox for us to gather there.

The 2014 F7 Gatherette is officially cancelled.

But for those Fae who can make it to Toronto, we are holding an F7 Potluck at the Alien Embassy.

Join us if you can!