Thursday, May 29, 2014

Amber Fox Does World Pride

Amber Fox Does World Pride

Friday June 27 to Sunday June 29
in Toronto, Canada

We have three events planned during the final weekend of World Pride Week in Toronto, culminating in the parade on Sunday. All the Pride events are gender and orientation inclusive. See you there!

Friday Evening:  Pot Luck at the Alien Embassy

Join us on Friday evening for a delicious vegetarian pot luck supper at the infamous Alien Embassy, just northeast of Toronto's Gay Village.  A perfect way to start off Pride weekend.

We may not be Gathering, but that won't stop the Fae folk from cooking! And we have been known to sing and dance at such events too. Who can say?

And I don't want to reveal too much, but it is said the Alien Baby may be making an appearance!

BYOB and a vegetarian dish of your choice, don your Fae apparel, and spend a relaxed evening with Faerie friends.

And as always, Gayliens are welcome.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to get the details.

Saturday Night:  Open House at Vaseline Tower

For those of you who are too young to know, Vaseline was once the lubricant of choice for male sexual congress (you know, fucking). So it was natural that the giant phallus rising from the centre of Toronto's Queer Village should have gained the monicker "Vaseline Tower".

High above the Village, on the southeast corner of the Tower, the Garden in the Sky offers bold city vistas as well as a stunning lake view. Bathed in ruby light, amidst flowers and vines, enjoy a cocktail while you listen to the music of the street.

Join us on Saturday evening, for a short visit or a long stay.  Feel free to stop by on your way to or from the many other events being held in the area. Arrive any time after 8pm: if the red light is on, we are still partying.

Some snacks and soft drinks will be provided. There will also be a fabulous vat of sangria, otherwise BYOB.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to get the address.

Sunday Afternoon:  Everybody Loves a Parade

The Radical Faeries were a regular feature of Toronto Pride back in the '80s, carrying parasols and riding rickety oversized tricycles.  Back then the Pride Parade was inherently political, and the queers who marched were as likely to encounter jeers as cheers.

Nowadays, Pride is a very different entity, and for many Radical Faeries holds little interest. Over the years, Faeries have drifted away from the parade and are now rarely seen at Toronto Pride. In fact, for the past several years, many of us have chosen to gather on the Land during the Canada Day / Toronto Pride weekend.

However, in honour of World Pride being held in Toronto this year, we decided to return to our roots and march in the parade. Sadly, the tricycles and parasols have been lost in the mists of time, however we will bring our own unique brand of Fae.

In keeping with this year's Pride theme "Rise Up" our float will feature both an alien spacecraft and the Alien Baby itself! Marchers are encouraged to dress in full Faerie diversity.

If you are planning to be in the parade, please read the 2014 Rules of Parade Entry (ROPEs) and the 2014 Terms and Conditions. You've been told!

Those marching should meet us outside the Alien Embassy before 12:30. Or, you can meet us at the Marcher Check-In Area on Bloor Street East at 1pm (enter via Ted Rogers Way and do not arrive early). We will be in Marcher Staging Section G.

(click on map image for interactive Google map)

So come march, mosey, sashay or flutter with us: everybody loves a parade!

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