Friday, June 27, 2014

Spring Fun at Beltane! (my first visit to The Land)

Candle-lit dinner the first night.  Fun Fondue for everyone!

Friday  morning Ryan gives us some fun morning music.

So many places to take photographs - it's a haven for artists.  This is some very old wood in the barn.

Spring is just starting to spring into action on The Land.

So many neat corners to explore.

Who is that?

Ricky makes everyone feel welcome!

One nifty fire, there were all kinds of sparks and sparkles that night.

Costumes and outfits ahoy!

Ryan perks up my canes after helping me find a costume for the show.

Who is that masked man?

Getting excited for the big dinner and even bigger show!

Chip opens the show with his usual style and flair.

They leave us with lots of questions unanswered . . .

La Cage au Folles comes to AmberFox

Waiting for a Miracle!

The Birds are Flying as the show comes to a magical conclusion.

End of a perfect evening and a wonderful Spring Celebration of Beltane on The Land! xo

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