Sunday, July 05, 2015

Amber Fox Goes Monthly!

Announcing Three New Annual Radical Faerie Events!

Over the past decade, the activities of our local Radical Faerie community have expanded from two or three gatherings on the Land aka Amber Fox each year, to a full five gatherings plus a work weekend an the Land, plus the intention to have a winter gatherette (although the weather-gods have not yet seen fit to grant us a mild enough February), plus an annual winter solstice party at Vaseline Towers in Toronto, plus staffing the Canadian Consulate at the Blue Heron Gathering in upstate New York at the annual gathering in August.

So it occurred to the demon child Ryan, that if we added just a few new events, then there would be an Amber Fox Radical Faerie community event every month!

And so, we are pleased to announce three new annual events:

  • in Toronto, a fall equinox pot luck at Vaseline Towers, hosted by Paul, Ryan & DeeDee
  • in Ottawa, a winterfest theatre trip to see another of Dragon's fabulously naked shows, and a PeachPit pot luck hosted by John and Peaches the following day
  • in Toronto, a March Madness MudHouse pot luck, hosted by Grey, Claro, Smith and the rest of the MudHoosians
This brings us up to an even dozen annual events, one each month - if you are a bit free with the calendar - and we all know how fluid faerie time can be! ;)

Big fae thank-yous to the hosts who will open their homes to our Radical Faerie tribe!

More details to follow soon.

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