Monday, April 13, 2020

Virtual Vicky 2020

The Virtual Victoria

A Distributed Gathering of Fae Spirits

sponsored by
the Land aka Amber Fox
but located in
your own living space

May 15 - 18th

It's Vicky's birthday and some queens are sad.

"Why o Why", they wail, "Why can't we gather in fae fellowship as we were wont to do in fairer times?"

Well, it's the COVID dearie. I mean really, read the news!

Sadly, we can't gather on the Land this spring. But a couple of fae folks have had some ideas as to how we can celebrate together while remaining physically distant.

How about an opening e-circle, heart circles online, an online ritual, and of course an online Know Talent Show! How exactly we perform these magickal feats of online connectivity remains to be seen, and we will need the help of all our technofaeries!

The Virtual Victoria!

Do you have an idea for an activity? Do you have some technical expertise? Would you like to facilitate an event? Join the discussion!!!

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can join the discussion in the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email if you have any ideas.

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