Thursday, May 10, 2007

News from The Land aka Amber Fox.

I bring you news from The Land aka Amber Fox...

Spring is Here! Spring is Here!

Help celebrate its arrival at Amber Fox, May 18 through to Victoria Day May 21, 2007.
Ancient Saxons celebrated the return of spring with an uproarious festival commemorating the goddess of the dawn and the spring, Eastre (aka Oestre and Ostara).

Let us gather in celebration, spring being a time to sow seed and release passion. The days be brighter and longer, winter a memory. Let us feast and become willing vehicles for Eastre's passion for new life.

Gather your energies and let l
ife burst forth! Dance by the bonfire under the light of a full moon! Be prepared for anything, including a cold and wet Ontario spring.

We have indoor accomodations (and wood heat!) in the Bunkhouse, the Departure Lounge, and the Erection. All are welcome, so bring a friend and let's make some magic!

Please post plans to attend to the list.

Check the blog for news as it develops...


bardelf said...

Beautiful photos! The land is awakening from its winter slumber.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, the land is beautiful now. It is a little lonely so i bet it will be happy to have us all there this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to thank you ALL, as well as the spirit of the land,
for an absolutely magnificent and magical time this weekend. I was
overwhelmed and entranced by your generous and merry spirits and look
forward to being back and seeing you all again just as soon as I can!

love and blessings,