Monday, August 27, 2007

Blue Heron and stuff

Blue Heron Farm is hosting its annual gathering in New York over theLabour Day weekend.

A group from Ottawa is going, so be sure to look for the "official" Amber Fox tent if you're there. If you need more information about the gathering,
Blue Heron Farm
68 Streeter Rd.
Dekalb, NY 13630

Several people at the High Summer Gathering expressed an interest in attending Blue Heron, including a group from Toronto. Anyone still planning to go....???? So far from Ottawa we have confirmed Ricky,Peaches, and Chip....We're taking one car, but if more would like to join us we can take a second vehicle.

Make plans now and post them to the list!

The next Amber Fox Gathering is our annual Thanksgiving Gatherette, October 5-8. However, if there is enough interest, a "mini-gatherette" known as a Gatheretty, can happened the weekend of September 14-16. Let the list know if you're interested!

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