Friday, September 07, 2007

Canadian Thanksgiving Gatherette

Its not far away,

Canadian Thanksgiving Gatherette.
October 5 - 8, 2007

Are you coming for a last chance to gather together on the land this year? Don't miss this chance to join in the faerie frolic and camaraderie only our unique beings can create. The bright moon, the warming sun, the colours of the land, inspire and call us to celebrate together.

The Maple Bush beckons us to make the trek to remember, to recall those faeries we have known, wanted to know, who have left us in body or space.

We will dine together on communally divined veggie meals, culminating with a Thanksgiving feast fit for noble faeries, perhaps even Miss Blue Heron 2007, Pinkie, will share his secrets of success as we enjoy our meal, or Claude will tell us how one can build kitchens that feed faeries at sanctuaries all over, or Shimmer and Journey will lead us in ritual observance, Ken may be inspired to share his magical DJ gift, Geneva is sure to make her famous oatmeal cookies without oatmeal, such wonder!

There's more, what of the Chipper sound of the Canadian Cowboy's Clarinet floating out over the land, howie-sue's sweet musings of this world, and who can mop a floor with the flair of Andre. Then Rob or is it Flower or Spike, whom brings fresh energy, and we have the Eric a Canadian in spirit (Thanks Claude) and the aroma of morning's elixer of life concocted by boy ricky. And a sweet new Italian French faerie boy, Mario.

The gathering will be filled with heart circles, ritual, dancing, singing, playing and times of solitude and putting the land to bed!

Won't you join us?

If you want directions or information email or boy ricky check the yahoo group listed in the sidebar!

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