Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Plan it NOW: Thanksgiving at AKA Amberfox

Its exciting! We look to have lots of show energy at the Thanksgiving gatherette! The Clarinet playing Canadian cowboy, the infamous Geneva and Shy-Anne and maybe Malibu, the fabulous Andre, a secret performer just back from a stunning crowd pleasing tour of France and Belgium and the always unwaivering stunning talented Shimmer. Add to this the possible cameo appearance of the one and only Chi Chi. And if that is exciting enough to make you rush to The Land we have booked a special appearance of Faerie Lands most unique and dancing master, DJ Ken! I am waiting to hear for certain on a couple more acts! You know who you are, right?

Are you coming? Time is of the essence, avoid all those family stuffing thanksgiving dinners, visitations and after dinner snoring. Come to AKA Amberfox, join in creating community, fun, entertainment unrestricted by the usual thanksgiving dinner crowd. You will find time to be by yourself, wondering and taking in The Land's wonders and spirit. You will be part of a group of fun, respectful men, just like yourself. Join in a heart circle, the remembrance ritual of faeries here and there, give a massage, take one, share and smile!

And just in case you need a reminder let me share what we are all about...

"We are an established and growing circle of gay and queer men centred on The Land aka Amber Fox. We gather to explore gay spirit, nature, ritual, sexuality, to work in fellowship, and to party. We enjoy the unexpected things when we bring together our energy, creativity, talents, and magick. Join us in celebrating and giving to the land that sustains and nurtures our spirits and our lives."

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