Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day RenDezVous

The gathering this Canada Day weekend is looking to be full of interesting and dynamic Fae, Queer and Gay men of many colours.  We will be soaking up the sun, enjoying camaraderie, good food and the best entertainment this side of earth. 

There are rumours the Aliens will send an emissary with an important message.  What will that be?  We won't know until the emissary arrives.   Not only will we receive an emissary, but even bigger rumours are flying around that Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Canada and a possible visit as well. 

There are many changes that have occurred on the Land since we celebrated there on Queen Victoria's birthday, earlier this year.   I am sure you will be delighted with the new stage, the new alien beacon paint on the barn roof, the redone Departure Lounge and many other astonishing touches.

We are all looking forward to a great gathering, excellent weather and an almost bug free weekend. The Mississippi is running well and waiting to surround your toes and other appendages with cool magical waters in the 32c temperatures.  

Bring your non-electrical instruments, drums, tambourines if you can.  Your glad rags are welcome too, though if you haven't any or no room to bring them, we have a whole closet to outfit you in. 

Expect great food, awesome entertainment and celebrity sitings and loads of fun from mud wrestling to horseshoes once Peaches figures out how to remove them from the stallions.

Now remember, this is Ontario in the summer.  The forecast is for great hot weather and that could mean a  thunderstorm or two.  Bring your sleeping bag, tent if you have it, suntan lotion, toiletries, make-up if you're so inclined and bug spray.   I know I have said its been virtually bug free this year, that could change and wouldn't it be better to be a good boy scout, come prepared!

You also may want to bring your own bottled water if you prefer not to drink the fabulous well water. 

Finally, if you need directions, send a note to the list.  If you are arriving at Perth by bus or Smith Falls by train, let us know ahead of time and we will pick you up.  How's that for service!

The gathering is from July 1 to July 5.  We ask a donation of $25 per day to keep this all happening. 

big hugs
Boy ricky et al

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