Tuesday, July 06, 2010

High Summer Gathering

Our Canada Day Rendezvous was a fabulous weekend that saw many many fae, queer and or gay men show up.

The High Summer Gathering takes place July 28 to August 2, 2010 at AmberFox, a rustic and beautiful farm nestled among the rolling valleys of the Lanark Highlands, west of Ottawa. For 35 years gay and queer men have come together here to share in a journey of spirit, growth, and renewal. AmberFox is much more than just gay camping; it's a collective of diverse individuals we call a gathering. Men of all ages, younger and older, gather on the land to share life experience, sexuality, community, to party and to share the diversity of different peoples' lives. For our short time together we live in a tent community with a central common structure that is used for meals and our Know Talent shows. We are progressive and accepting of many diverse and unique lifestyles. We've seen it all and we offer one of only a few such gathering spaces in Canada. With our limited capacity we keep gatherings small to allow the land to remain fun and sustainable. AmberFox High Summer Gatherings are a safe and accepting placae to come out and be yourself.

Are you coming? Do you want to plan a number for the Know Talent show? Want help to figure something out? Maybe you would like to lead a group in a wild round of lube wrestling or join in one of the heart circles. I expect the electronic call to go soon, so stand by your email box, it could be popping up any day now.

How much does it cost? Just $25.00 per day includes all means and your own tent spot.

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