Thursday, July 08, 2010

About Us - "The Land" at AmberFox

Come Join Us For Our Annual Summer Gatherings on "The Land" at AmberFox

AmberFox is a beautiful farm nestled among the rolling valleys of the Lanark Highlands, west of the Ottawa Valley. For 35 years, gay and queer men have come together here to share in a journey of spirit, growth, and renewal.

AmberFox is situated on "The Land" and is much more than just gay camping; it's a collective of diverse individuals who come together for what we call a gathering. Men of all ages, younger and older, gather on the land to share life experiences, sexualities, community, to party and to share the diversity of different peoples' lives.

For our short time together we live in a tent community with a central common structure that we use for dining and our "know talent" shows. As a collective community we share in the upkeep of the land. We are liberal and accepting of many diverse and unique lifestyles. We've seen it all and we offer one of only a few such gathering spaces in Canada. With our limited capacity we keep gatherings small so that activities remain fun and sustainable. The Land at AmberFox is a safe and accepting place to come out and be yourself.

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