Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer 2010 Gathering Fun!

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mm said...

Do you guys even respond to emails? Or is there some other address I can email regarding the upcoming gathering? I've waited 3 weeks for a response!

ricky said...

Maybe we didn't get your email? I try to respond to every email. Send again!

mm said...

Should I send them to the email on the site again then?

Anonymous said...

send to Richardlbarnes @ Gmail dot com


jaddad said...

I will be leaving from Ottawa on Saturday morning and coming back Monday early afternoon. Anyone need a ride, text me at 613-252-3074.

Also, is it worth it to bring a kayak? My first time over there.

Thanks, Jacques

jaddad said...

Hello Richard,

I will be joining the fun on Saturday... my first time. I would like to know what food to bring and if it's worth bringing a kayak. Thanks so much,

Jacques Denomme