Tuesday, July 12, 2011

High Summer Gathering

This is it. Our 24th annual gathering. July 27 - August 1, 2011. Come share the joy together, renew your body and soul. 

A few days with fabulous Fae boys from all over. We want you to be part of something you will remember, because were going to remember you! 

The High Tea, mid summer is our ultimate and best attended gathering. Its full of fun, vitality, grand fires and spiritual undertakings for all. 

The departure lounge beckons as does the infamous bunkhouse. With all that add many fabulous tenter abodes on MayPOle Cock de Sac, Path of the Snake Bend, and of course the view from Labyrinthine Heights.

Coffee brews magikly each morning, the erection rises with such elixir, ready to provide all the joy you can handle. 

The Know Talent show promises to be our biggest show ever. 

Appearances expected by the great Shyanne, Peaches, Pinkie, Boy ricky has a brand new film to d├ębut, 

Dragon to offer up better than live Streisand, Two of three Erics plan separate numbers and perhaps one Jonathan will tickle to ivories, Ryan will tickle the ivories as well. 

And the dangling 'Fae one Claude' will perform in a magical number with two others including Chiplandia.

Then there is the daily dips in the river, the trek to the sauna, the return of drumming circles, processions to match the heart circles, and an art paint group project.

Workshops on cheese making, bread kneading, make up for the Butch and or Fem fae boys, much music and of course you can be as active as in you wish.   My my you could be a very busy faerie or you could watch. 

The Land aka Amber Fox is a place for gay and queer men. We come from all over Canada and the United States to attend gatherings. Join us in celebrating and giving to the land that sustains and nurtures our spirits and our lives. 

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