Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey guys, the weather looks good, sunny for the Lumberjack weekend, November 4 - 6, 2011. Some tips for your visit to AmberBEAR this weekend...

1. Bring warm clothes (socks, sweaters, longjohns can be fun) and a flashlight
2. If camping in a tent with an air mattress, bring a blanket to put under the mattress, this will help keep you warm.
3. This is a lumberjack weekend so the menu includes meat.
4. The water line is down for the winter, no showers. You can however sponge bath or use the sauna! Maybe someone will assist you!
5. Bring you fabulous plaid lesbian undies, your outfits, if you dont have any, the foxy boutique can help.
6. Bring your song on a cd or mp3 so we can play it for the Know Talent Show
7. If you don't have a talent you want to perform, no problem cause you could be recruited for someone else's show or you can be an enthusiastic audience member.
8. Leave the bug spray at home, the 'squitos and things have hidden away!
9. Its $60 for the weekend or $35 for Saturday only. More if you can, less if you are a little strapped now. We won't turn anyone away.
10. Your good humour and gay spirit will make it a great weekend.

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