Friday, January 06, 2012

Howie Sue

We just received news that Howie Sue has passed away. We do not have any details yet. Howard's Mother called Ken and Chip who are both in North Carolina right now. 

I will post more info when I receive it. I recall one of our many trips to hospital with Howard. The one below we recorded! It was when Howard was in hospital. He was in the process of moving to his house near the land. Jules and I went down to visit and to pack up some of Howard's precious dodads! here is the link.

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David Finkelstein said...

Ricky, I was thinking about my dear Howie Sue all day today, so it was especially wonderful to read so much about him and see videos on this blog. And I was very glad also to know that he was surrounded by a loving community during his last days. I wanted to let you know that, even in 2019, these old posts are very much appreciated.