Thursday, April 06, 2017

Victoria Day Gathering 2017

Victoria Day Gathering

the Land aka Amber Fox
May 19th - 22nd, 2017

This is our 30th year of faerie purity committee approved official gatherings on The Land, AKA AmberFox. Victoria Day weekend coming up!  Are we ready to welcome spring to the Land?

The Land is wide awake and as each day goes by we see more life leaping forward. The snow is gone, trees are are coming back to life, the grass is greening up and the flowers will soon poke their heads above ground.

The Victoria Day weekend will be the first Gathering of the year and it looks to be a great year on the land. A big garden will be planted, the erection awaits to host the Know Talent Show. The meals are prepared and enjoyed communally, and it is always the best of vegetarian cuisine on the Fae gathering circuit. And we raise a spectacular May Pole, (we may raise quite a few).

There will be a ritual opening of thanks around a fabulous fire to cleanse the land and our spirits.  A procession to the Maple Bush to remember those that left us.  A Know Talent Show, and some finishing touches made to the Meditation lookout gazebo.

Expect a few fabulous fires after last year's fire ban, we just gotta burn this year! The capacity of the bunkhouse has increased to take on more fae ones, the departure lounge is prepared to take on another year of excitement, the Foxy Boutique has been restocked with the latest fashion from the Opportunity Store. The sauna has never been more inviting.

And don't get me started on those infamous parties in the Departure Lounge. Got some fetish gear, bring it on! Naturism your thing, that works too! Furries, drag queens, cowboys and aliens - All are welcome at the Departure Lounge!

If you're coming we would love to plan some meals and activities. If you have some ideas let us know. You can post them here or you can email Boy Ricky.

We ask that you contribute $20 per day, (more if you can, less if you can't) towards the funding of the gathering. Nobody gets turned away for lack of funds.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to obtain directions and contact information.

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