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Canada's 150th Birthday Faerie Island Getaway

Canada's 150th Birthday
Faerie Island Getaway

Saturday July 1st, 10 am - midnight
Olympic Island, Toronto


Once again Canada Day is fast approaching, and once again the Faeries will be celebrating Canada's birthday with a getaway to the Toronto Islands. So join us for another fun-filled day of picnicking, rides, boating, nude beaches, and of course, fireworks!

We have secured the same picnic spot as last year on Olympic island, just a few minutes walk from the Centre Island ferry dock. The site has both a barbecue and a fire-pit, and the view of the city is amazing! It's located near all the amenities: restroom, amusement park, boat rentals, restaurants and bars. And, it's only a short walk to Hanlan's Point for afternoon skinny dipping!

Somebody will be at the picnic spot all day from 10:00 am on. There will be side trips to Hanlan's point, the amusement park, and other attractions on the islands, but there will always be someone at the site, so feel free to show up there at any time.

All the fae folk will be coming back from all parts of the islands for a potluck supper starting around 6:00 pm. Don't forget to bring a dish to share! We can use the barbecue, so remember that when choosing your dish. After dark, we're going to do a fabulous and festive bonfire with DeeDee's magic colourful fire sticks! Lastly, the fireworks will go off over the city at Harbourfront, directly across from our picnic spot. Let's hope they are as spectacular as last year!!! Afterwards, all us Faeries will take the ferry back to the city.

If you can pitch in to help with the cost of the site rental, that would be great! The suggested contribution is $10 per person (more if you can, less if you can't).

Click above to see the legend or print the map

Our picnic site (C on the map above) is
  • 1 minute walk to the washrooms (D)
  • 3 minutes to the amusement park, restaurants & bars (F)
  • 5 minutes to the Centre Island Ferry Dock (G)
  • 10 minutes to boat rentals (E)
  • 20 minutes to Ward Island (A), home to many polydactyl cats
  • 30 minutes to Hanlan's Point nude beach (I)
Please make note of the rules the City of Toronto requires us to follow when using the picnic site.

Here are three suggested plans for your day. They all start from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal (B) at Queens Quay, Toronto:

1. The Beaver Plan
  • Take the ferry to the Centre Island Ferry Dock (G)
  • Walk 5 minutes to our picnic site (C) - just keep left to reach it
  • Visit the amusement park, rent a boat, or just enjoy the day relaxing on the grass
  • Have delicious food
  • Enjoy the bonfire & watch the fireworks!!
So many toes!!!
2. The Polydactyl Kitty Plan
  • Take the ferry to Ward Island (A)
  • Walk 5 minutes to the local beach
  • Play with the polydactyl kitties!!!
  • Walk 20 minutes to our picnic site (C)
  • Have delicious food
  • Enjoy the bonfire & watch the fireworks!!
3. The Polar Bear Plan
  • Take the ferry to the Hanlan's Point Ferry Dock (H)
  • Walk 15 minutes to the clothing optional beach (I)
  • Bask bare on the beautiful beach with bodacious bears
  • Walk 30 minutes to our picnic site (C)
  • Have delicious food
  • Enjoy the bonfire & watch the fireworks!!
However you decide to spend your faerie island getaway day, we look forward to seeing you for the festive and fun feast and fireworks!!

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can join in the planning on the Facebook Event page. Otherwise, please email Ryan or DeeDee if you need more information.

UPDATE: May 16, 2017

As you may have heard, much of Toronto island is underwater because of spring flooding, and they've delayed opening the park. Currently they say the park is closed until June 30th, which means it should be open JUST IN TIME for our picnic on July 1st!!! More details hereI will keep you posted when I hear any more updates.  DeeDee

UPDATE: May 28, 2017

Things aren't looking good! But we still have not received official notice that the park is closed beyond June 30th. So if anybody is feeling especially full of faerie magic, or knows any lake-drying spells ...

More details hereMyself, I will be chanting "rain rain go away" until I hear further news! ;)  DeeDee

UPDATE: JUNE 1, 2017

Sadly, the flooding continues, and they have officially cancelled our permit, so we must cancel our plans for the Canada Day picnic on Toronto Island. :( More details here. Well, there's always next year ...  DeeDee


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