Wednesday, June 21, 2017

High Summer: The Land aka Amber Fox Turns 30

30th Annual
High Summer Gathering
Wednesday August 2 at 2pm to Monday August 7th at 2pm
The Land aka Amber Fox

There have been gatherings of gay men on the Land aka Amber Fox for over four decades, and the Faerie Purity Committee assures us that this summer marks 30 years of official High Summer Gatherings! So bring your best set of pearls, and help us celebrate with much fae fabulosity.

The land is greener than ever before
thanks be to Pan,
the wettest year since we began. Perfect.

We're planning some bigly fun
and if you haven't been for awhile,
this year is the time to come back.

Our biggest Know Talent Show ever,
an extravaganza,

Fetish Nights in the Departure Lounge,

Need an outfit, check out the Foxy Boutique in the Departure Lounge, we have all you could want. If you need time to be in your birthday suit, join some of us. Bring your drums, your musical instruments, your voice, your art, oils, pastels, water colours, crayons!

Bring alive your talents, energy and desire to live, celebrate ourselves with like-minded queer men.

High Tea,

Disco Night,

the best in gourmet Faerie
vegetarian cuisine,

making bubbles is a regular thing

re-enactment of the Erection Water Tank

Fire prep is hard work!

A limited number of T-Shirts will be made. We currently have a Fae one creating a fitting bit of art for the t-shirt. If you want one we will need your size.  You can email Boy Ricky to order one. We're asking $7.00 donation for these, that's below cost!

The good ole days...

High Tea

Fetish night, or every night?

We have Shimmer's Magick Cake

y'all going to have a great time

This is Ontario, so summer can be cool or really hot. It can rain for days or be days and days under a hot muggy sun. Bringing rain gear and shorts maybe a good idea and remember to leave Geneva's F-ing umbrella alone!

Bring everything you need for summer camping in the woods, a tent, warm sleeping bag or blankets, pillow, flashlight, bug repellent, sunscreen, and a divine wardrobe suitable for summer weather conditions in which all clothing styles and fashion are both optional and encouraged. You may also find this post on What to Bring to a Gathering helpful.

Some indoor sleeping space is available but limited in the bunked up BunkHouse.

when boy meets Diva!

we can do it!

Trekkies are seen here

Remember, there are no paid staff here. Everything that manifests depends on faerie volunteer energy, and contributions to the purse:
  • washing dishes, preparing meals, planning events, chopping wood, mowing lawns, tidying and cleaning, repairs, new construction ... it's all up to us
  • but the work becomes play when shared with your fae friends!
  • the Purse relies on donations for the food we eat, fuel for the pump & lawn mowers, propane for the fridge & stove, candles, paper products, and all our other mundane needs
  • the suggested contribution is $25 per night, more if you can or less if you can't, and no one is turned away for lack of funds
  • we ask that everyone contribute some cash, even if you can only afford five or ten dollars per night
  • it is also helpful if you can make your contribution when you arrive at the gathering, so that it can be used at the next shopping trip

A Faerie circle in the river

Music is easy here..

Please note, this gathering is for gay and queer men only.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to obtain directions and contact information.

Questions? Contact Boy Ricky!

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