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Canada Day Gathering 2018

Canada Day Gathering

Friday June 29 at 10:00 am to Monday July 2 at 3:00pm
at Fox's Haven
West Nipissing, Ontario

Eau Canada!
How roam a neigh tough land?
Troop ate rot love-in
awl thigh suns come hand.

With glow ingots
We seethe here eyes
That rue north Strachan unfree,
Frum Faron why d'eau Canada
Wheeze tendon guard 'fore thee.

God key power land
Gloria's unfree!
Eau Canada,
Wheeze tendon guard 'fore thee.
Eau Canada,
Wheeze tendon guard 'fore thee.

(Mark M. Orkin, "Canajan Eh?")

Canada Day, often referred to as "Canada's birthday", marks the joining of the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada (Ontario & Quebec) into the Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867. Originally called Dominion Day, the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act superseded the British North America Act as the country's constitution.

There is no standard formula for Canada Day celebrations. In various communities across the country, the day is observed with parades, carnivals, festivals, barbecues, bonfires, air & maritime shows, fireworks, free musical concerts, as well as citizenship ceremonies for new citizens.

How will the Fae ones celebrate Canada's birthday?

Join the Foxy Faeries and help decide!

Who are the Foxy Faeries?

The Foxy Faeries are a kink-friendly group of Radical Faeries in northern Ontario. What does “kink-friendly” mean? Well for starters, all of the founding members are happily kinky folks. They want Foxy Faeries Gatherings to be a kink-positive, nudity-positive, sex-positive space.

But the group is new! Come join us and help define and discover who we are, and what we can become!!!

Foxy Faeries events are open to all those of fae heart, the fae-allied and the fae-curious, regardless of gender or orientation.

What Will Happen at the Gathering?

  • We yoo-hoo and we circle, we work and we play.
  • Most of us camp, but there is room for some in the Foxes Den.
  • We enjoy communal vegetarian meals.
  • There are some traditional events, like the Sunday afternoon Know Talent Show. Can you sing, dance, recite a poem or play an instrument? If so, we would love to have you join us on stage! A bit shy but want to try? Talk to the show’s organizers and they will be sure to find a suitable role for you. More of a watcher than a performer? An appreciative audience is the other essential ingredient for this popular event.
  • Others activities are more spontaneous, like:
    • saunas
    • bonfires
    • swimming & boating in the private lake
    • exploring the island
    • hikes & games
    • mud wrestling & oatmeal rubs
    • ritual, magick, meditation
    • drumming & chanting
    • story time & naps
    • spa days, face painting
    • crafts, painting, glitter workshops
    • theme parties with outrageous couture
    • concerts or karaoke
  • What activities will happen depends entirely on those who attend.
  • If we can dream it, we can be it, but only if we find the faerie energy to make it manifest.

Where Does the Gathering Take Place?

The Foxy Faeries Canada Day Gathering takes place at Fox's Haven, a beautiful campground situated on a 120 acre private property in West Nipissing, Ontario, about a 5 hour drive from Ottawa, 4 and a half hours from Toronto, 3 hours from Barrie, and an hour from Sudbury or North Bay.

Fox’s Haven includes a beautiful lake and island, is criss-crossed by numerous trails, has lovely pine and birch forests, and features beautiful granite rock outcroppings of the Canadian Shield.

The land is completely private so you can enjoy dressing up in your most stunning and fabulous clothes, or dressing down to nothing at all, without worry of outsiders. There are boats that all attendees are free to use to explore the private lake, see the water lilies, row over to the island, and maybe even get the chance to wave at the beavers as they work.

There are two permanent buildings, the Foxes Den, in which some attendees sleep, and the main cabin, which includes a full kitchen.  There are two outhouses, outdoor showers, three large campfires, and numerous trails with forty campsites.

To find out more, check out the Foxy Faeries FAQ.

Want to Attend? Here's How!

In order to attend a Foxy Faeries gathering, the first step is to register by paying a deposit in the online shop. This deposit covers the cost of renting the campground only. The deposit is $50 per person for camping, or $75 per person sleeping in the Foxes den, for the long weekend.

The address will be sent to those who have registered by paying the deposit, one week before the gathering begins.

In addition to the deposit (which only covers the rent), every attendee is asked to bring cash to help feed the Purse. She’s always hungry! The Purse covers the cost of food, propane for the portable fire ring & BBQ, fire logs for the sauna, gas for the generator and any other expenses we run into. Because we don't want finances to be a barrier to attending our events, we use an honour system, with the Purse kept in a central location in the main cabin, and ask that everyone contribute something to the purse. We suggest a $50 contribution each for the long weekend, but if you can afford more, please be generous  so that others who are able to contribute less can also attend. If you are not able to afford the suggested $50, contribute as much as you can.

Equally important is your willingness to contribute in other ways: planning, cleaning, shopping, cooking, etc. If you don't know what to do, just ask. One of the most enjoyable aspects of our created community is working on projects with your fellow Faeries.

So join us for Canada's best birthday party ever!!!

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