Wednesday, July 11, 2018

High Summer Gathering 2018

The Land aka Amber Fox
is pleased to host

the first ever meeting of the
United Federation of Planets
and the
League of Super Heroes

at our annual
High Summer Gathering

Wednesday August 1st at 2pm to Monday August 6th at 2pm
The Land aka Amber Fox

WooHoo! And YooHoo! It's summer, and the fae folk have to get out and party, play and perambulate back to the Land. Bring yourself out to rejuvenate, carry on, say hello to old friends and meet new ones. Bring your magick, fae glam, and outer space energy. 

What have we got planned for this year's High Summer? We're so glad you asked!!!

Wednesday - Welcome Wayward Wanderers
Whether you've just transported down, or flown in from Krypton, we know you'll be tired and hungry when you arrive. So we will have a feast of epic proportions prepared for your arrival!
The meals at Amber Fox are vegetarian, communal and delicious. We have a fully appointed kitchen in the Erection, and are always looking for chefs, assistants, and learners. So whether you want to plan a whole meal, create a single dish, or help chop ingredients, we've got you covered!

Thursday - Super Heroes and Their Admirers 
Tea Dance in the Erection
Everyone has some sort of super power. Let your super power freak flag fly! Come in your secret super hero outfit, wear your super secret hero disguise, or come ready to save the world for Truth, Justice and the Fae Way!

Friday - United Federation of Planets Investigation into the Freaky Fetishy Fae Folk of this Planet 
(and Dance Party in the Departure Lounge)
High-level trade negotiations are taking place! See alien visitors in the midst of lewd alien acts! It's weird, it's strange, and it's ALIEN!

Saturday - Know Talent Show
Saturday night we will enjoy the many talents the Fae folk bring to the Know Talent Show. Can you sing, dance, recite a poem or play an instrument? Or do you have a flair for performance art? If so, we would love to have you join us on stage! A bit shy but want to try? Talk to the show's organizers and they will be sure to find a suitable role for you. More of a watcher than a performer? An appreciative audience is the other essential ingredient for this ever-popular event!

Sunday - High Tea
Picture yourself in a warm forest glade, with colourful silks hanging there in the trees. A cocktail, some music, some dancing or croquet; the sun licks the glittering gown that you wear. Don't dream it, be it, at High Tea.

What else will we do? Who knows!!! It's all up to the fae energy that manifests when the UFP comes to call! But in the past, we've had:
  • bonfires
  • heart circles
  • crafts
  • saunas
  • dressing up at the Foxy Boutique
  • magick & ritual
  • trip to the market 
  • swimming in the nearby mighty Mississippi
  • anything the fae heart can imagine!

Everything that manifests depends on faerie volunteer energy, and contributions to the purse. We ask that everyone contribute something to the Purse, she pays for all our food & stuff! The suggested contribution is $20 per night, more if you can or less if you can't, and no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Please note, this gathering is for gay and queer men.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to obtain directions and contact information, or to arrange pickup in Smiths Falls (VIA rail) or Perth (Greyhound bus).

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