Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Return of F7

F7 Gatherette
Friday February 16th to
Monday February 19th (Family Day)
Fox's Haven
near Lake Nipissing

Two years ago, an intrepid crew of ferocious fae braved the -40ยบ temperatures for the first ever F7 Gatherette. And boy what a fabulous time we had! If you missed it, or if you were there and want to reminisce, you can reflect on our time in that winter wonderland.

Sadly, the venue that hosted the first F7 is no longer available, and last year we were unable to hold the event (the facilities on the Land aka Amber Fox are not winterized).

But good news! We have now found a permanent home for the F7 Gatherette, Fox's Haven, just northwest of Lake Nipissing. The new venue is a four hour drive north from Toronto, four and a half hours west from Ottawa, halfway between North Bay and Sudbury. The secluded site features 170 acres of varied terrain, including sandy areas, rocky flats, forested trails, and even a lake containing an island!!! The main cabin features a fully functioning bathroom, kitchen, and large main room for communal activities. The Fox's Den is the main sleeping cabin. And both of the main buildings are fully winterized. :)

Because this is a site we need to rent, and because of the limited indoor sleeping facilities (maximum 16 people), as we did for the previous F7, we will be using a system of pre-registration with payment guaranteeing your spot. See below for details, then hit the big red registration button at the bottom of the page.

Now, do you remember what the seven Fs in F7 are for? Well, neither do I, lol!

But this year, the seven Fs will be:
F1 = Frigid: Yep, we can pretty much guarantee it!
F2 = February: It’s when we’re going!
F3 = Family Day: Monday. An Ontario holiday.
F4 = Fabulous: Yes, we are.
F5 = Faerie: That's us folks!
F6 = Festival: Isn't it always?
F7 = Fox's Haven: The new location!!!

So what is F7 all about, and why do we call it a gatherette? Well, F7 is kind of like a faerie gathering, but much smaller (maximum 16 people). And it is mostly indoors, with nobody camping, because, well y'know ... winter. But we will still have fabulous communal meals, circles and yoo-hoos. And just like any faerie gathering, the activities will reflect the desires and abilities of the fae folk who attend.

Should we decide, we can have rituals, massage chains, a Know Talent Show, saunas (there is an amazing sauna attached to the main cabin), board game sessions, snowball fights, building snow forts, tobogganing,  ... even creating an outdoor sweat lodge. The only limits are our imagination, and our warm underwear!

As usual, the meals will be vegetarian, communally-prepared, and elegant beyond imagining. The cost of food is covered in the registration fee (see below).

The main cabin and the Fox's Den are the two winterized buildings. The Fox's den sleeps ten in four double bunk beds and a double fold-out couch. The main cabin has two bedrooms, one with a bed that sleeps two, and the other with a bed that sleeps two and two single bunks. Note that these two bunks are the only single beds available, so chances are you will be sharing with someone. Please let us know who you would like to share a bed with in your registration.

We are asking attendees for $90 each for the long weekend, which is $30 per night. We think this amount will allow us to just cover our costs. Most of the registration fee is the fixed rental cost, with the large part of the remainder being food. Payment can be made by Interac e-Transfer, PayPal, or by cash in Toronto. Since we never want finances to preclude anyone from attending our events, if some of you can afford to pay more, we can then offer discounted spots to those who need it. Please let us know when you register if you can be a sponsor or need financial assistance. Thanks!

Hurry, hit the big red button to register now, as there are only sixteen spots available! Your place is guaranteed once your payment is received. Once you’re registered, you’ll be provided the address, and added to the Facebook event where we can plan things such as carpooling, meals, and activities!!

This is going to be a fantastic gatherette!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

LumBearJack Work Weekend 2017

LumBearJack Work Weekend

Friday November 10th at 1pm to Sunday November 12th at 4pm
on The Land aka Amber Fox

It's the best time of the year. Time for bears, cubs and all you working guys & guys who love them, to join us for one final blast on The Land for the year.

We will be doing some very manly things, tree falling, wood splitting and stacking. All to have enough wood to keep us warm through the spring and fall next year.  We have all the tools of the trade needed for the weekend. It's not a lot of work, a couple hours each day, and its fun.

What you wear is part of the fun. We will have a Know Talent show, a few manly exposes, a Fetish Blacklight party in the Departure Lounge and maybe a surprise or two!

This gathering is a meat gathering, that means we cook meat for meals. It's a special time of year and we will be enjoying fresh local beef and chicken, raised by our farmer friends. We also have vegetarian cuisine for those who prefer to be meatless.

We have some indoor spaces that are heated, so we should be able to keep y'all warm.

Bring warm clothes, boots in case of snow, a head covering, longjohns and frilly undies, warm gloves or mittens, warm sleeping bags and/or blankets, no mosquito spray needed! Some people still tent, so if we dont have snow, that's an option too. You are welcome to bring a small trailer or camper if you have access to one.

To make this all happen we need contributions to the purse. For this gathering we are asking for $10 a night. You can put more into the purse if you want to contribute to getting a second propane fridge, or the ongoing maintenance that keeps Amber Fox vital! If you can't afford $10, then put in whatever you can - nobody is turned away for lack of funds.

If this is your first faerie event, or your first visit to the Land aka Amber Fox:

This event is for gay and queer men.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to obtain directions and contact information.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Thanksgiving Gathering 2017

Thanksgiving Gathering

Friday October 6th at 2pm to Monday October 9th at 2pm
on The Land aka Amber Fox

Come join us as we gather on the last warm long weekend of the year, on the Land aka Amber Fox. 

This event is for gay and queer men.

This is our 30th year hosting gatherings of fae men, approved by the official Faerie Purity Committee. 

We embrace the kaleidoscope of fae spirits, we dance, circle, eat and entertain each other. Our meals are vegetarian and prepared communally. We manage all this with the generosity of those attending. We ask for $20 a day, more if you can, less if you can't, no one turned away for a lack of funds.

the Goddess, Shimmer
There are some indoor spaces available in the bunkhouse. These are first come (you can't book them), unless we assign a space to someone who has physical needs that require indoor placement. For the rest of us, there is lots of room for camping in the May Pole Field and along the Path of the Snake.

There will be a trek to the memory tree in the Maple Bush to remember those we want to honour, a march of thanks through the land for all it gives us, led by the one and only Shimmer.

A trip to the local Farmer's Market, the Know Talent Show on Saturday, the return of Chip Landia's themed bonfire, sauna action all weekend and more.

If you want to join us let us know, bring your musical intruments, your glad rags (we have many in the Foxy Boutique if you need inspiration or a new look), your tent, warm bedding and clothes and a flashlight is alway handy after dark.

It can get chilly in the evening, so bring many layers, it could also be very warm in the day.

Please, no pets, children or personal fires on the Land.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to let us know that you are coming.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

High Summer: The Land aka Amber Fox Turns 30

30th Annual
High Summer Gathering
Wednesday August 2 at 2pm to Monday August 7th at 2pm
The Land aka Amber Fox

There have been gatherings of gay men on the Land aka Amber Fox for over four decades, and the Faerie Purity Committee assures us that this summer marks 30 years of official High Summer Gatherings! So bring your best set of pearls, and help us celebrate with much fae fabulosity.

The land is greener than ever before
thanks be to Pan,
the wettest year since we began. Perfect.

We're planning some bigly fun
and if you haven't been for awhile,
this year is the time to come back.

Our biggest Know Talent Show ever,
an extravaganza,

Fetish Nights in the Departure Lounge,

Need an outfit, check out the Foxy Boutique in the Departure Lounge, we have all you could want. If you need time to be in your birthday suit, join some of us. Bring your drums, your musical instruments, your voice, your art, oils, pastels, water colours, crayons!

Bring alive your talents, energy and desire to live, celebrate ourselves with like-minded queer men.

High Tea,

Disco Night,

the best in gourmet Faerie
vegetarian cuisine,

making bubbles is a regular thing

re-enactment of the Erection Water Tank

Fire prep is hard work!

A limited number of T-Shirts will be made. We currently have a Fae one creating a fitting bit of art for the t-shirt. If you want one we will need your size.  You can email Boy Ricky to order one. We're asking $7.00 donation for these, that's below cost!

The good ole days...

High Tea

Fetish night, or every night?

We have Shimmer's Magick Cake

y'all going to have a great time

This is Ontario, so summer can be cool or really hot. It can rain for days or be days and days under a hot muggy sun. Bringing rain gear and shorts maybe a good idea and remember to leave Geneva's F-ing umbrella alone!

Bring everything you need for summer camping in the woods, a tent, warm sleeping bag or blankets, pillow, flashlight, bug repellent, sunscreen, and a divine wardrobe suitable for summer weather conditions in which all clothing styles and fashion are both optional and encouraged. You may also find this post on What to Bring to a Gathering helpful.

Some indoor sleeping space is available but limited in the bunked up BunkHouse.

when boy meets Diva!

we can do it!

Trekkies are seen here

Remember, there are no paid staff here. Everything that manifests depends on faerie volunteer energy, and contributions to the purse:
  • washing dishes, preparing meals, planning events, chopping wood, mowing lawns, tidying and cleaning, repairs, new construction ... it's all up to us
  • but the work becomes play when shared with your fae friends!
  • the Purse relies on donations for the food we eat, fuel for the pump & lawn mowers, propane for the fridge & stove, candles, paper products, and all our other mundane needs
  • the suggested contribution is $25 per night, more if you can or less if you can't, and no one is turned away for lack of funds
  • we ask that everyone contribute some cash, even if you can only afford five or ten dollars per night
  • it is also helpful if you can make your contribution when you arrive at the gathering, so that it can be used at the next shopping trip

A Faerie circle in the river

Music is easy here..

Please note, this gathering is for gay and queer men only.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to obtain directions and contact information.

Questions? Contact Boy Ricky!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Canada's 150th Birthday Faerie Island Getaway

Canada's 150th Birthday
Faerie Island Getaway

Saturday July 1st, 10 am - midnight
Olympic Island, Toronto


Once again Canada Day is fast approaching, and once again the Faeries will be celebrating Canada's birthday with a getaway to the Toronto Islands. So join us for another fun-filled day of picnicking, rides, boating, nude beaches, and of course, fireworks!

We have secured the same picnic spot as last year on Olympic island, just a few minutes walk from the Centre Island ferry dock. The site has both a barbecue and a fire-pit, and the view of the city is amazing! It's located near all the amenities: restroom, amusement park, boat rentals, restaurants and bars. And, it's only a short walk to Hanlan's Point for afternoon skinny dipping!

Somebody will be at the picnic spot all day from 10:00 am on. There will be side trips to Hanlan's point, the amusement park, and other attractions on the islands, but there will always be someone at the site, so feel free to show up there at any time.

All the fae folk will be coming back from all parts of the islands for a potluck supper starting around 6:00 pm. Don't forget to bring a dish to share! We can use the barbecue, so remember that when choosing your dish. After dark, we're going to do a fabulous and festive bonfire with DeeDee's magic colourful fire sticks! Lastly, the fireworks will go off over the city at Harbourfront, directly across from our picnic spot. Let's hope they are as spectacular as last year!!! Afterwards, all us Faeries will take the ferry back to the city.

If you can pitch in to help with the cost of the site rental, that would be great! The suggested contribution is $10 per person (more if you can, less if you can't).

Click above to see the legend or print the map

Our picnic site (C on the map above) is
  • 1 minute walk to the washrooms (D)
  • 3 minutes to the amusement park, restaurants & bars (F)
  • 5 minutes to the Centre Island Ferry Dock (G)
  • 10 minutes to boat rentals (E)
  • 20 minutes to Ward Island (A), home to many polydactyl cats
  • 30 minutes to Hanlan's Point nude beach (I)
Please make note of the rules the City of Toronto requires us to follow when using the picnic site.

Here are three suggested plans for your day. They all start from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal (B) at Queens Quay, Toronto:

1. The Beaver Plan
  • Take the ferry to the Centre Island Ferry Dock (G)
  • Walk 5 minutes to our picnic site (C) - just keep left to reach it
  • Visit the amusement park, rent a boat, or just enjoy the day relaxing on the grass
  • Have delicious food
  • Enjoy the bonfire & watch the fireworks!!
So many toes!!!
2. The Polydactyl Kitty Plan
  • Take the ferry to Ward Island (A)
  • Walk 5 minutes to the local beach
  • Play with the polydactyl kitties!!!
  • Walk 20 minutes to our picnic site (C)
  • Have delicious food
  • Enjoy the bonfire & watch the fireworks!!
3. The Polar Bear Plan
  • Take the ferry to the Hanlan's Point Ferry Dock (H)
  • Walk 15 minutes to the clothing optional beach (I)
  • Bask bare on the beautiful beach with bodacious bears
  • Walk 30 minutes to our picnic site (C)
  • Have delicious food
  • Enjoy the bonfire & watch the fireworks!!
However you decide to spend your faerie island getaway day, we look forward to seeing you for the festive and fun feast and fireworks!!

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can join in the planning on the Facebook Event page. Otherwise, please email Ryan or DeeDee if you need more information.

UPDATE: May 16, 2017

As you may have heard, much of Toronto island is underwater because of spring flooding, and they've delayed opening the park. Currently they say the park is closed until June 30th, which means it should be open JUST IN TIME for our picnic on July 1st!!! More details hereI will keep you posted when I hear any more updates.  DeeDee

UPDATE: May 28, 2017

Things aren't looking good! But we still have not received official notice that the park is closed beyond June 30th. So if anybody is feeling especially full of faerie magic, or knows any lake-drying spells ...

More details hereMyself, I will be chanting "rain rain go away" until I hear further news! ;)  DeeDee

UPDATE: JUNE 1, 2017

Sadly, the flooding continues, and they have officially cancelled our permit, so we must cancel our plans for the Canada Day picnic on Toronto Island. :( More details here. Well, there's always next year ...  DeeDee


Thursday, April 06, 2017

Victoria Day Gathering 2017

Victoria Day Gathering

the Land aka Amber Fox
May 19th - 22nd, 2017

This is our 30th year of faerie purity committee approved official gatherings on The Land, AKA AmberFox. Victoria Day weekend coming up!  Are we ready to welcome spring to the Land?

The Land is wide awake and as each day goes by we see more life leaping forward. The snow is gone, trees are are coming back to life, the grass is greening up and the flowers will soon poke their heads above ground.

The Victoria Day weekend will be the first Gathering of the year and it looks to be a great year on the land. A big garden will be planted, the erection awaits to host the Know Talent Show. The meals are prepared and enjoyed communally, and it is always the best of vegetarian cuisine on the Fae gathering circuit. And we raise a spectacular May Pole, (we may raise quite a few).

There will be a ritual opening of thanks around a fabulous fire to cleanse the land and our spirits.  A procession to the Maple Bush to remember those that left us.  A Know Talent Show, and some finishing touches made to the Meditation lookout gazebo.

Expect a few fabulous fires after last year's fire ban, we just gotta burn this year! The capacity of the bunkhouse has increased to take on more fae ones, the departure lounge is prepared to take on another year of excitement, the Foxy Boutique has been restocked with the latest fashion from the Opportunity Store. The sauna has never been more inviting.

And don't get me started on those infamous parties in the Departure Lounge. Got some fetish gear, bring it on! Naturism your thing, that works too! Furries, drag queens, cowboys and aliens - All are welcome at the Departure Lounge!

If you're coming we would love to plan some meals and activities. If you have some ideas let us know. You can post them here or you can email Boy Ricky.

We ask that you contribute $20 per day, (more if you can, less if you can't) towards the funding of the gathering. Nobody gets turned away for lack of funds.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, you can RSVP to the Facebook Event. Otherwise, please email to obtain directions and contact information.