Monday, May 09, 2011

Gathering info for Victoria Day weekend

Coming to the Land for Victoria Day?  It looks like it will be very nice weather.  This is Ontario though so anything could happen.  You will want to be prepared.  Suggest you bring your tent, a foamie to sleep on, a good sleeping bag, warm clothes in case of chilly nights, something to keep the rain off should it dare drip on us, and of course what would spring be like without some flies and mosquitoes. It can be buggy and then maybe not.  (We do have some limited indoor space for those without a tent!)

It would be good to bring your choice of bug repellent.  You can minimize bug bites by showering, (we have a fabulous shower) do not use soaps or shampoos with smelly stuff.  Your sweat is like an elixir from the goddess for these flying creatures.

Our meals are all vegetarian. Not Vegan, though we could do that for some peeps.  Meals are prepared communally, so no need to bring ingredients, we will put together a list from menu ideas people have when they arrive.  If you have a recipe you like, bring a copy of it so we can put it in our collection of nummy eats. We ask for $25 per day.  That helps cover the cost of food, propane, insurance and upkeep.

If you play a musical instrument that you can carry, feel welcome to bring it.  The Know Talent Show could use your help!  If not up to that, playing music outside is awesome around the fire or anytime!

Need more info or directions, email me here .

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