Friday, May 06, 2011

Victoria Day Weekend - 2011

Its Victoria day weekend coming up!  Are we ready to welcome spring to the Land?  The Land is wide awake and as each day goes by we see more life leaping forward.  The trees are are almost leafed out, the grass is a rich green, flowers are beginning to bloom, and your queer selfs will surely bring it great pleasure.

The Victoria Day weekend will be the first Gathering of the year and it looks to be a great year on the land.  A big garden will be planted, the erection awaits to host the Know Talent Show.  The promise of great sustenance assures us we are the gourmet food gathering on the Fae circuit.

As usual there will be a ritual opening of thanks around a giant fire to cleanse the land and our spirits.  A Trek to the Maple Bush to remember those that left us.  A Know Talent Show, and I am sure a few encounters with the alien baby could be in order.

We have an erection project this year.  Its a place to meditate, to enjoy the peace, the bonding and what ever else one does with erections such as the Fae inspired ones that leap to mind.  Your input is desired.

This Victoria Day I am told that Geneva, Chiplandia and two secret acts will perform for us.  If you want to share your talents in the Know Talent Show, you would make us all so happy.  Bring your instruments, drums are great, your voice or enthusiasm.

The bunkhouse calls, the departure lounge welcomes, the sauna invites, the erection warms, the Land holds, Fae ones together, reuniting our tribe, inviting young and old, big and small, you and me and them too.

R U Coming? Lets us NO so we can plan! #Fae #Radialfaeries #AKAAMBERFOX #queer #Gay

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