Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Canada Day Gathering Coming soon, Get it on your Mind!

It's one of the most fun gatherings for queer men in the Radical Faerie Tradition. Its popular with American and Canadian Fae ones as it falls on Canada Day and Independence Day. 

There will be daily dips in the river, saunas, heart circles, and the return of Fetish NIGHT! A really big Know Talent Show to go with the new awesome Tech stuff we have brought together.

Besides the usual crafty stuff you can share with others or pick up from others we await your ideas. Maybe a group art project.

The food is awesome and vegetarian. We cook communal meals, sit down and enjoy them together in the Erection. There is much fun to be had by all.

Our gatherings are getting bigger and more diverse. Look forward to seeing many others in a judgmental free space. You get to be you. If you like time alone, the land and area is beautiful in the summer. The Land provides many awesome places to be alone or together.

Of course the Gatherings at Amberfox are famous for among other things, the gourmet food and the ritualistic (Just plain Spectacular) fires and good people.

One Fae tradition is to dress (or not) in spectacular outfits. Remember, everyone at AmberFox is a star, so this is your chance to dress the part. Need help putting an outfit together? The Foxy Boutique is well stocked and plenty of boys will help you look the part. Boy drag, girl drag, animal drag, even tree or straight drag is cool. Then again, the less adornment one has, can often be the best. Its your call!

Its time to start planning. We provide free pick up at the bus in Perth or the train station in Smith Falls and we promise to get you back for your return bus or train. Just try to give us 12 hours notice, so we don't miss you!

We can also work to assist matching people up with rides from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

We ask that you feed the Purse $25 per day. More if you can less if you can't. The land and facilities are made available by the owner and the Amberfox Faeries. Its only possible if the Purse does well.

Join us on Canada Day for rites of summer, AmberFox is a place for gay and queer men. We come from all over Canada and the United States to attend gatherings. Join us in celebrating and giving to the land that sustains and nurtures our spirits and our lives.

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