Thursday, March 30, 2006

Boy Ricky on the land

Arrival on the land has certainly been interesting. I keep running into all these Amber Fox OFFICIALS and SCATOLOGISTS. I can not say for sure, me being a faerie light, but Harry Hay's spirit may be here to bear down on the land's recent, strange, and until now seemingly unexplainable scatties.

The land is certainly alive sending forth energy to those near by. I felt that as we drove in the drive. Of course I was not really expecting to need the enrgy to pump water for the use of all those recent visiting officials.

Later that night I was cleaning up, washing my face, sponge bath, looking out the tower kitchen window, seeing my face reflected back at me, a slow grin crept across the boy. All alone at this time, the fire snuggly, the radio belting out "Rocket Ship" - the Lil Einstein theme. It looked like sasquatch. It was quick, then he was gone, just like that.

It's too much, I try to ignore the sasquatch stuff. Too Scary anyway. Still, you have to be ready for the unexpected here at Amber Fox. Luckily the unexpected usually ends up being a beautiful thing, soothing, fun, or just plan crazy.

Others you see are dealing with the Sasquatch, I help where I can or am expected to. The Maple Syrup is much more to my likeing. It is truly amazing, to be doing this. A boy from BC, here in Maple Syrup country, tapping trees, collecting the sweet water, and then boiling it down to awesome amber colour.

How many people in this part of the country have yet to sink a tap into a maple tree, to collect the sweet water from this incredible tree? Accepting such a gift from the land, I suspect I am one of the lucky ones.
I bet there are millions of people living here in this place that have seen a maple tree, have touched it even, yet how many have accepted its gift?

The snow is almost gone now, snakes, birds, deer, the Canada geese, the squirrels, chipmunks and, yes, the flies are alive, making the most of this awkening place. Apple trees are begining to bud, rhubarb is sticking out of the earth, flowering bulbs at the erection are beginning to stir.

The air is fresh, it's quiet, it's pretty nice really. Chores outside seem more like play. Collecting fire wood, projects here and there. Have to go for now, the sun is shining, I have been here a week now and much to see, to learn and enjoy.

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