Monday, March 27, 2006

Sugar Time!

Tapping Continues at Amber Fox

The sun is shining

The day is warm

The drill's a drillin'

Wood's a flyin'

And the sap, sweet sap, flows . . .

. . . one drop at a time!


cockelf said...


Okay, guys, is it just me or does that sap oozing out of that spout look like precum?

Anticipating the next photo to show sap shooting forth from the tree!

Howiesue said...

Word of warning..

Before the global climate went hey-wire, the rule was that there need be a prolonged period when the temperature goes below 0°(C) at night and warms to about 2°(C) during the daylight hours.. The higher the temparature the lower the sweetness of the sap (pre-cum ith an asparagss tone).

My point is that this might be the last good week for collecting the 40-to-one stuff before you wake up not alone with the date you wish you hadn't gone home with...

For this year or future referance, if one is making home-made beer, mayle sap is a great base to work with.

Just ask any druken sasquatch/bif-foot or Yetie.