Monday, March 27, 2006

Sugar Time!

Tapping Continues at Amber Fox

The sun is shining

The day is warm

The drill's a drillin'

Wood's a flyin'

And the sap, sweet sap, flows . . .

. . . one drop at a time!

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Howiesue said...

Word of warning..

Before the global climate went hey-wire, the rule was that there need be a prolonged period when the temperature goes below 0°(C) at night and warms to about 2°(C) during the daylight hours.. The higher the temparature the lower the sweetness of the sap (pre-cum ith an asparagss tone).

My point is that this might be the last good week for collecting the 40-to-one stuff before you wake up not alone with the date you wish you hadn't gone home with...

For this year or future referance, if one is making home-made beer, mayle sap is a great base to work with.

Just ask any druken sasquatch/bif-foot or Yetie.