Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This just in . .

Scat Controversy Continues to Grow

Controversy at Amber Fox continued today as the debate over the recent finding of Unknown Scat heated up. Top scatologists at Amber Fox are continuing rigorous scientific testing to determine its source, and results will be released long after it will be too late to matter. In a related development, anonymous officials at Amber Fox have asked for calm until the Official Scatology Report is released.

Many at Amber Fox believe the scat may be bear, while others insist it could only come from a Sasquatch. Reached for an interview at his camp in the Yukon, trapper and scatologist Joe Schneider, known as "Crappy" to his friends, stands by his comment on the Amber Fox blog. "It's a Sasquatch, damn sure as I got on beaver skin underwear," avows Schneider.

Others aren't so sure. Cockelf speculated the scat might belong to an as-of-yet undiscovered giant Lizard Man, or perhaps the famous Highlands Hag.

Although a possible reappearance of the Creature from the Lanark Dump has so far been ruled out, investigation contines.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which is more alarming... that you found the scat in the first place, or that it's sitting right next to Pinkie's cheese (on the blog, I mean).

The Creature from the Old Curiosity Shop sounds like a likely suspect. I do know that I've heard some very strange noises out in the shrubbery by the Bunkhouse late at night...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been working on the snoring, but...

Oh! You mean THAT!