Friday, March 31, 2006

Common Nonsense and Uncommon Sense

by HowieSue Isharoonie

You know, and I’m sure you do, I could just go on and on about my dating woes, and I no doubt will . . . at length.

But if there really is a Big Foot roaming around Amber Fox right now, I am like, just SO JEALOUS!

It's an open secret that I'm partial to BIG & HAIRY guys.

A Sasquatch at the Eastre Gatherette! I'm salivating just thinking about the possibilities . . .

But enough about me and my dating woes. All this talk of a Big Foot reminds me of Silver Lining, lightning strike survivour and faerie poet extraordinaire.

We all know

From Faeries of old,
The key to the meat,
Is the size of the feet.
-- Silver Lining

a lightning strike victim

But enough about me and the fact that I’m partial to BIG & HAIRY guys.

Here’s the real reason why all the BIG & HAIRY sasquatches are so scarce and hard to find:

Signing out,
This is HowieSue Isharoonie
with “Common Nonsense and Uncommon Sense”

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